Nazar: Ansh regains his memory and tries to find Pia

Ansh regains his memory and looks for Pia.

In star Plus, show Nazar as reported earlier, Ansh stabs everyone and story again starts from Ansh’s pre-marriage rituals. Priest tells everyone that Ruby is a witch. Avi says her parents are fake as well. Otherside, Ansh says nobody remembers anything in the house but to bring back everyones memory back he needs to look out for Pia first. He tries to find out Pia. Mohana gets to know that Ansh has recalled his memory, so she too needs to find Pia first.

Pia was seen praying at the temple. Pia says to Guru Maa that she wants to go to the city to search for her mother. Guru Maa asks her to go and come back soon. Mohana hears Pia and thinks to stop her. She says Pia can’t go to Mumbai, she needs to stop her but Mohana can’nt get out from room because room is tied with mantras. Later, everyone wonders, why Ansh is behaving weird. Vedshree says, Ansh get should marry asap before anything wrong happens with him. Ansh comes there and tells everyone that they have comeback in time thus don’t remember anything but he recalled everything. Chitali says it means we cameback from future? Ansh asks her to touch Pia’s earring but nothing happens. Ruby smiles seeing them from far because she has exchanges Pia’s earring with the fake earring.

Now further will see, Ansh will try to meet Pia to ensure that Aditya is born or not. However, Mohana executes a wicked plan to keep them apart. Mohana will cover Pia in tree roots so that she Pia lasts her breath.

Who will save Pia and How will Ansh will meet Pia? For all the answers, keep watching Nazar on star plus.

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