Kasauti Zindagi Kay2: Anurag supports Prerna

High voltage drama in Star Plus top show Kasauti Zindagi Kay2 with Komolika leaving no chance unturned to insult Prerna in front of all.

In Kasauti Zindagi Kay2, till now it is shown Prerna drinks the spiked drink and felts dizzy. Vikrant too feels dizzy. Waiter drops the drink on Vikrant and says sorry. Vikrant asks for washroom and Prerna goes along with him. Komolika gets happy seeing the duo and thinks her plan is working. Later, komolika connects her phone to CCTV so that guest’s out there can see live pictures of Prerna and Vikrant.

Prerna asks Vikrant to clean his clothes. He asks for spare shirt. Prerna and Vikrant feels dizzy. Otherside, Basu family enjoys watching Tapur’s pics. Moloy Basu gets angry seeing Komolika and thinks she can’t see anyone’s happiness. Komolika says she has some video in her phone and connects it with the projector.

Everyone gets shocked seeing Prerna and Vikrant live video. Prerna and Vikrant falls on the bed and someone switched off the camera. Mohini gets angry seeing this and says to Anurag that Prerna is doing it intentially to humiliate them. Sahil’s mother gets angry and says they can’t do the marriage at their house where daughter-in-law of the house is doing such things. Mohini tries to explain them but Komolika interrupts them by saying she is Daughter-in law of the house and Prerna has nothing to do here. Mohini says will later clear this confusion. Here, Prerna thinks how she and Vikrant can feel dizzy at the same time and concluded someone has planned this. She goes downstairs and Mohini slaps her.

Further, Mohini will slap Prerna and will accuse her for trapping rich guy. Prerna will plead that she is innocent. Prerna will try to explain that everything they saw was a lie and nothing is between her and Vikrant. Anurag will support Prerna and later Prerna will prove Komolika guilty for all the trouble.

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