Kasauti Zindagi Kay 19th July 2019 Written Update-Anurag goes missing


The episodes start with Nivedita and Prerna argument. She slams her for ditching Anurag, she says everyone in our family starts to love you then why did you do this? Forget about Anurag you are even loyal to your own mom? Do you have any idea how much she is embarrassed because of you? My mom used to say you are a gold digger but I fought with my mom for you. I never spoke to her in a loud voice, even when she starts to love you at the end. Prerna avoids her but Nivedita kept on asking about why did she take such step? When Nivedita sees the bed decorated beautifully for their special night. She gets shocked and calls Prerna cheap. She says it’s good that only I am seeing this bed and room decoration if it was Anurag he would have broken into pieces. She leaves from there in disgust when Prerna called Mr. Bajaj.

He takes out his phone and sees her no, he excused himself from the meeting and picks her call. He told her to go and take a tour of Zurich, Switzerland as it is a beautiful place. Prerna cuts the call and sees the decorated bed when tons of memories of Anurag covers her mind, she cries and goes out of the hotel room.
Here Anupam is trying to calm down Nivedita and says if you don’t eat how come I will sit for lunch? Nivedita apologizes for her behavior to Anupam when she received a call from Mohini. Mohini informs Nivedita about Anurag being missing from the house and no one has any clue about him.

Prerna goes to a church of the place named, Rappers will. She lights up a candle inside the church when she sees Anurag is standing in front of him. She runs to him and hugged him tightly and asks him to take her along somewhere. Anurag asks her to stop crying and says, “the love in my eyes belongs to you and will remain yours forever”. In the same way, your love is preserved for me for life. Her trance got broken and she realizes if she is in so much pain, how much it will be painful for Anurag. She prays for Anurag to hate her and forget her forever and moves on in life.

Mohini calls Shivani and informs about Anurag being missing from the house and she asks her to call her sister Prerna and asks where is Anurag? She again curses Prerna for creating a void in her Anurag’s heart. Nivi is contacting each and every person to enquire about Anurag, she talks to the workers of office when they informed her about lodging a complaint in police with the suspect of Anurag did suicide. Nivedita cuts the call in frustration.

Shivani calls Prerna to know about Anurag location or getting any rough idea? Veena listens to their talk and asks Shivani to cut the call. She told Prerna never ever try to contact them or meet them in this life. Here Bajaj comes in their room and shouts with Prerna name. She is sitting in front of the Opera house and when Bajaj reaches there, both of them get involved with each other with a fight.

Here Anurag reaches the presidential suite of Prerna and Mr.Bajaj. He locates Prerna’s red scarf cries about their moments. Suddenly he notices a green saree in her bag. He remembers gifting it to her on their engagement day. He remembered their moments and conversations. He roams here and there when suddenly he noticed the bed prepared for Bajaj and Prerna first night.

Precap: Anurag burns the red scarf and throws it on the bed. Here Prerna tells to Anurag that share loves Mr. Bajaj.

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