Kasauti Zindagi Ki gearing up for high voltage drama

Star Plus’s golden franchise Kasauti Zindagi Ki’s new edition is in much hype ever since the show went on air. With lots of twists and turns always running through in the show, it has been successful to keep the viewers hooked from day 1. Now the drama quotient of the show is going up to new heights with the latest developments.

In an upcoming track, Komalika who always enjoys threatening others will be at the receiving end of a threat. Vikrant will be seen severely threatening Komalika saying he will completely destroy her. Following his threat, he makes a huge accusation on Komalika and the show will highlight the events thereafter on repercussions of his accusations. Will Komalika be able to clear it up and counter-attack Vikrant? It will be quite interesting to watch if she does.

On the other part of the show, Anurag’s support will overwhelm Prerna and she will openly express her gratitude to him with a thank you. In turn, Anurag tells dismisses it lightly saying he only supported her since she also is the part of his family and he did it only for the sake of his family.

In another sequence, due to some accidental circumstances Anurag and Prerna will get locked in the storeroom and get stuck in there for a while. Prerna feels very scared and starts panicking in the closed surface. Seeing her in state of fear, Anurag then tries to comfort her. What dimension will Anurag and Prerna’s relationship take after this will obviously pull viewers back to these two’s on-off feelings towards each other?

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