Kasauti Zindagi Kay Written Update 26th July 2019-Anurag rescues Prerna from goons

The episode begins with Prerna is washing her clothes in the bathroom while she reminds the moments of Anurag is following her everywhere. She decides to talk to Anurag for one last time before anything. She thinks she will make him understand that now nothing can happen between them as she is officially someone else’s wife. Meanwhile, Bajaj thinks why Prerna is late in coming and goes to check if she is stopped by Anurag somewhere. Prerna, on the other hand, is walking and sees Anurag while on the other hand Prerna also locates him and is going towards him when someone hits Prerna from the back and she gets unconscious.

Anurag runs towards her and beats the goons and put Prerna in the jeep while carrying her in arms. At the same time, Bajaj is descending the stairs of the restaurant and locates Anurag putting Prerna in a jeep. He thinks Anurag is kidnapping Prerna and thus he decides to teach Anurag a lesson for crossing his limit. On the other side, Nivedita and Anupam are arguing with each other. Nivedita is getting hyper on him and says you are flirting with everyone out there and I am getting irritated with it. So just don’t show me your face anymore and leave.

Anupam sits showing his back to her and says why are you getting angry? Nivedita says I am breaking this marriage as there is no point in going on with this relation. Anupam asks her what wrong I did? I didn’t do anything hidden from anyone. Nivedita finally confesses to Anupam that she loves him so much and she can’t see him with any random lady.

Here, Anurag is waiting for Prerna to gain consciousness. Prerna slowly opened her eyes and sees Anurag in front of her. She tells him to back off and doesn’t come behind her all the time, he is running behind a lie which will never happen for real. Anurag says he will never accept she is Mrs. Bajaj and not Mrs. Basu.

Prerna says I don’t care about your approval, society and mass know and believe me to be Mr. Bajaj’s legally wedded wife. Anurag says we are married already, Prerna says yes we are married but it was an incomplete marriage, remember you swipe off my vermillion and breaks that thread. She accuses him of changed drastically that for his obsession he kidnapped her and bring her here. Anurag gets stunned with her allegations and confronts her saying if you can change why not me? Prerna slaps him but Anurag didn’t mind and says I will take you back with me.

Meanwhile, Bajaj lodges a complaint against Anurag to the police officials and says my wife is kidnapped and now I will handle this in my way and he goes from there. Meanwhile, Anurag opens the door of the garage when he sees kidnappers are coming in their den. Here, Prerna decides to escape the place before Anurag can come.

Anurag comes to search for Prerna but couldn’t find her. He goes inside and sees Prerna there while Prerna tries to ignore him. He asks her not to go outside as kidnappers have arrived. He elaborates her the whole fiasco that took place and then they see Raunak there and Prerna wonders what is Raunak doing there and why he is behind Prerna? Anurag and Prerna are trying to escape from there while Raunak is in searching spree for them.

Precap: Anurag and Prerna come out of a place and sees Bajaj in front of them. Bajaj looks at Anurag with angry looks.