Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 26th May 2022 Written Update: Kashi leaves for Chaskaman

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The episode starts with Bajirao asking Mastani to not risk her life. She says she is already a lover and she doesn’t care about her status. He says atleast for her love she can save her own life. She replies she didn’t win his love yet. She won’t confess but will wait for him to fall in love with her. Baji says that’s her personal matter, he is not interested to know that.

She says though in his opinion this war is for Hindu Empire but for her it’s personal and she will get involved in it without getting scared. He says is she just showing off or she is truly a brave warrior he doesn’t know but he will send soldiers for her protection as he doesn’t want to see her getting injured. She asks him whether he is showing concern to her. He says he promised to save each and everyone of Bundelkhand from Mughals. She is the princess here so he will take care of her safety too. She leaves smiling.

Radha prepares to catch a rat by giving it’s favourite food. Kaveri says it won’t work but Radha indirectly talks about Kashi that this time her plan is solid and King Shahu gave her power to control Kashi’s actions. Baji is not here to help her thus Kashi will fall into the trap for sure. Kashi says she didn’t want to go to her maternal home as she wanted her child to born here but unfortunately it won’t happen. Kaveri asks Radha how will she teach lesson to Kashi in her absence. Radha says she has planned everything and she takes a name Keshav. A person comes by riding a horse.

Baji tells his soldiers to make a trap for the Mughals and they will attack them and kill them at last. He learns Mastani will fight in North direction so he orders to send more soldiers there for her safety. During war Baji sees Mastani is arriving and stopped in the middle. Baji’s mates suspect that she must have betrayed them and befriended Mughals.

Baji says but she came in front of them and didn’t attack from behind. He goes to talk to her without thinking about his safety. He says why she came here suddenly to interfere in the war. She is not allowed to do that. It’s against the rule. She says she came here to surrender herself to Mughals. He asks she has gone mad. She reveals how Mughals have made her family members as hostages.

She has no choice but saving them. For that she has to reach her family first. Mughals will take her there. He says she has no idea what Mughals can do to her. She says she knows and she requests him to not start the war before he gets any news of her. If she dies then he can do whatever he wants but if she saves her family and come back then she will succeed.

Mastani adds Mughals don’t know she can surrender herself to Bajirao only not to them. She gives him a taabiz as a present saying she doesn’t know when will they meet again. Baji accepts that and there Kashi says before leaving the wada she wants to wish for Baji’s victory.

She puts a flag on the map for Baji’s win and her finger gets injured. She says hope this blood becomes Vijay Tilak for Baji. Later Radha performs Kashi’s aarti before she leaves with Bhavani. Radha wishes that Kashi gives birth to a healthy child. Kashi leaves and Radha says she doesnt have idea she is going to a dangerous war which will change her life.

Bhavani tells Kashi that Shiu and Mahadji are upset with her due to Krishna’s matter. Kashi says she hopes they will forgive her with time.
Mastani heads towards Mughals and kills their soldiers. She surrenders herself and Baji gets impressed seeing her act.

Episode ends

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