Katha Ankahee 10th January 2023 Written Update: Katha and Viaan meet Abdali

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The episode starts with Viaan suggests to take a hour break to Katha. Katha questions what is the need to break. Viaan suggests there is a mall where she can do shopping. Katha says she can’t afford that then leaves the place. Viaan follows her. Later Viaan and Katha meets Abadali. Abdali asks Katha to pardon his Hindi and tries to speak but Katha points out at him the choice of words he used it’s pronunciation is wrong. Abdali laughs and apologises then once again tries to speak in Hindi. He praises Viaan for recognizing talents and giving an opportunity for them to prove themselves. He then asks Katha about her boss. Katha mentions Ehsan and praises him which shocks and irks Viaan. She then tells Abdali about her wanting to show him the presentation but the latter tells her they have known about her work and now he wants to know about her story. One of the man who is with Abdali says both Katha and Kahaani’s meaning is a story only. Katha explains Abdali and his men the meaning behind her name. Viaan also tells his perspective and meaning of Katha. Katha gets surprised and stares at Viaan.

One of the waiter in the restaurant drops the tray and the things brokes which Katha Abdali and Viaan notices it. The supervisor of the hotel tries to check what happened before that Katha goes there and inquires the waiter is he is fine? When the supervisor arrives there Katha puts the blame on herself for being a clumsy person lead the waiter to drop his tray. The supervisor buys her lies then leaves the place. The waiter signs at Katha thanks then leaves. Katha returns to her seat. Abdali questions her for taking blame and saving the waiter. Katha tells that everyone is afraid to loose their job. Mistakes do happen but it was not done by intentional then the person getting punished isn’t fair. Abdali gets impressed and praises Katha. He also calls Viaan a lucky boss to have her as his employee and asks not to never let her go.

Katha then joins Abdali and his partner’s and cracks joke. Viaan stares at her. He then smiles hearing Katha’s one of the joke. Abdali says this meeting can happened through a video call but directly meeting him all the way from India this gesture moved him also thanks Viaan for letting him get an opportunity to learn Katha personally. Katha gets shocked and looks at Viaan but the latter refuses to look at her. Katha glares at Viaan and forces a smile infront of Abdali. Later Katha and Viaan reaches the hotel. Katha hurries inside angrily and waits for the lift. Viaan goes there and tries to speak but stops himself when he sees other people. After entering the elevator Katha ignores Viaan. Viaan tells her that he is ready to give her two crore if she spends the night with him. Katha gets shocked and furious and looks at him.

Viaan clarifies her that he isn’t getting any closure from her as she completely shut him out so in order to learn her perspective he want her to spend this night with him. Katha taunts him and refuses to listen anything. She also warns Viaan to not to follow her then goes out of the lift. Viaan climbs down the stairs after he reaches his floor to go to Katha’s room. Meanwhile Katha goes to the hotels reception and inquires whether she has to pay for anything after confirms nothing Haa to pay she goes out to board on her cab. Viaan learns Katha left her room after taking her luggage so hurries out to catch her. Katha leaves the hotel. Viaan gets upset not able to reach Katha.

Katha ignores Viaan’s continous calls and his messages. Viaan inquires Katha’s whereabout to the hotel employee and the latter informs him her shift started now so she doesn’t know. Later the one employee who was there when Katha left informs Viaan that Katha went to airport so Viaan asks him to book his cab then calls Jenny to propone his flight but after learning that he and Katha’s return flight are same he asks Jenny to wait until he informs her whether he wants to propone it or not. Katha in the airport falls asleep. Viaan reaches there. He regrets his actions seeing Katha’s state and buys food for Katha. He takes one of the staff’s help to put the food near Katha and waits for her to wake up. The announcement of their flight is made and all the passengers goes to board but Katha doesn’t budge. Viaan gets worried and looks at a sleeping Katha when the final announcement made.

Precap: Ehsan jokes at Viaan that they will conduct the meeting after Katha arrives only but Viaan remains silent. Katha on the other side pleads with Chandra sir to help her get a new job as she is desperate. Viaan regrets his actions towards Katha. Later Katha and Aarav goes to picnic where Katha climbs Aarav to climb a tree. Viaan calls Katha and gets worried when he finds its in a not reachable state.

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