Krishan and Radha unites as one body to save the world: Radhakrishn

Star Bharat show Radhakrishn which is already fetching the attention of the audiences from the beginning is going to show another big twist to make audiences hook to their seat.

Krishan and Radha unites as one body to save the world: Radhakrishn

As reported earlier, Kans sends one of his powerful asur to vanish love from the universe. Asur Timirasur half succeeded in his mission and otherside, Kans gets happy seeing the falling leafs from the love tree. Krishna fights with Timirasur and later he uses his Sudarshan Chakara to end his life. Krishana ends his life and later rushes to meet Radha because it’s only she who can revive love in the world. Radha was lifeless because of Timirasur effect but Krishana decided to provoke love in her.

In the upcoming episodes will see, Krishna will take Yogeswar Avatar to save Radha. He will use all his power to wake Radha. He will chant RADHA’s name so that she can gain consciousness. Krishana will take Radha in the middle of the universe to revive love in Radha’s heart. Radha emerges and tells Krishana that, to revive love Radha and Krishna needs to unite as one body.

Radha and Krishna unites as single body and an energy that reflected from that hits the love tree and it greened up again. Kans gets angry seeing this and Lord Shiv made his understand that Love is still alive. Kans fumes in anger. Meanwhile, Krishna will discover the evil plan of Kans and will decide to kill him.

Further, Govardhan will ask Krishna for a favour.

What favour Govardhan wants from Krishna and how Krishna will end Kans, it will be interesting to watch.

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