Krishna Chali London: Veer’s one more attempt to expose imposter Radhey to go in vain

Imposter Radhey meeting with an accident will bring new turn in the story.

Star Plus show Krishna Chali London to witness high voltage drama. So far in the episodes, Veer brings Kusum to meet Mohan. Kusum shouts Mohan Bhaiya and runs to Radhey. She hugs him and thanks Veer for getting her to meet Mohan. Veer tells everyone that, this guy is cheating because he is not Radhey and playing with their emotions. Shukala shouts on Veer saying, why he can’t let them live at peace. Veer tries to explain them but Gajanan asks him to leave. Veer says Krishna is his wife and she has nothing to do with this family. Krishna interrupts them and asks the girl who is she and how she knows Radhey. Kusum tells Krishna that he is Mohan, her brother. Veer asks Mohan to stop lying and return back to his house.

In the upcoming episodes will see, the imposter Mohan will meet with an accident and will assume the identity of Radhey upon regaining consciousness. Krishna will still be confused about him and will interrogate him about his time in London. Here, Veer will bring along a prisoner to identity the imposter Radhey. Radhey on the other hand after seeing Veer will say, what he is doing here. He will tell everyone one that Veer is the same person who has hit him by his car when he was waiting for Krishna. Meanwhile, Gajanan will thrash Veer for suggesting this.

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