Love triangle between Abir, Mishti and Kunal: Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Kunal decides to marry Mishti otherside Abir’s dream confused him about his feelings.

Rajan Shahi’s, Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyar Ke to witness high voltage drama in coming days. Abir rescues Mishti. Mishti faints in his arm saying atleast purchase a mobile for you. Kunal too comes there and Abir asks him to take her out. Everyone thanks Kunal for saving Mishti’s life otherside Abir smiles from far and delivers a shayari. Parul takes care of Abir and he decides to purchase a phone.

Mishti gets impressed by Kunal and thinks Kunal is good person and smiles. Meanwhile, Nanu goes to Abir’s room and finds Mishti’s portrait. He is shocked and wonders why Abir has kept Mishti’s painting. Kunal asks Mishti to come and meet him. Mishti thanks Kunal for saving her. Kunal says, you were stuck and we had to save you. Abir turns to go away seeing Kunal and Mishti. Mishti sees him and stops him. Abir asks the duo to continue talking and says he was about to leave only. Mishti asks Abir to join them.

Meenakshi gets angry when she came to know that Kunal went to meet Mishti. Nidhi mocked Kunal, Meenakshi tells her that she has given good upbringing to her sons and they can’t do anything without her permission. Otherside, Abir, Mishti and Kunal see the newspaper. Abir teases Mishti and Kunal and says you both got famous in a day. Mishti says she is feeling awkward.

Now, in the upcoming episode will see, Kunal will say yes to Mishti and will agree to marry Mishti.

Kunal decides to tie the knot with Mishti and wants to go ahead with the ‘Goddhana’ ceremony. Meanwhile, Abir has a strange dream that leaves him disturbed.

Do Abir will be able to realize his feeling and confess his love to Mishti or Kunal and Mishti will get succeed in marrying to each other. Well, time will only tell keep looking this space for more updates.