Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 21st September 2021 Written Update: Ishwari sends food for Sanjana

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 21st September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sanjana rummaging through Dev’s stuffs when Sonakshi comes there. She asks what’s happening.

Sometime before :

Ishwari greets Sanjana and Radha says that she doesn’t look like delivery girl. Sanjana says that she works at Dev’s office as chief interior designer and came to deliver things. Ishwari greets her in. Sanjana return Dev’s wallet which he missed and Sanjana asks her to check the things Ishwari says everything is right and asks how come she knows how to buy them. Sanjana says that she is used to do Pooja at home which is why she’s aware of where to buy good pooja things. Ishwari serves her with both diet snacks and as well as regular hand made snacks. Sanjana says she’s not diet conscious and likes to have unhealthy foods. Ishwari likes her instantly. Shubh comes there and Ishwari introduces her to Shubh. Shubh throws ball at her and calls her to play with him. He demands her to get the new game which is in Dev’s cupboard. Sanjana suggests to play with the ball and Shubh forcefully takes her. Ishwari asks her to go and she leaves. Radha looks doubtful and Sanjana’s over sweet behaviour.

Saurabh and Ronita are leaving for Saurabh’s friend’s party. Bijoy asks if he’s buying gift when Saurabh hesitantly answers yes. Bijoy gives him money and asks him to buy some good gift for the party. Saurabh thanks him and hugs him. Pg sees it and Bijoy closes the door once they leave. Pg asks he’s sometimes angry with his son and sometimes loves him and says he can’t understand him. Bijoy says he can understand it only after he become a father. Pg says there’s lots of time for it but Bijoy asks whether he has girlfriend. He says no. Bijoy taunts how he will have seeing his haircut. Pg leaves saying that he’s jealous of his hair. Bijoy checks himself out.

Sanjana bonds with Shubh and rummaged through Dev’s clothes like an obsessed lover. Sonakshi comes there when Sanjana turns with the game box. She apologizes Sonakshi that it was Ishwari who sent her to get the game for Shubh. Shubh too says that he likes Sanjana. Sonakshi asks her not to apologize as it should be her who should apologize for her behaviour in the party. She says she was drunk by mistake. Sanjana says its fine as she’s not wrong. They all go down. While coming down the steps Shubh slips but Sanjana holds him. Her already sprained legs gets even more twisted. Everyone rushes to her aid. Dev who also came there help her. Sonakshi and Dev help her out of the house. Sanjana recalls stealing Dev’s kerchief from his wardrobe.

Sonakshi says Dev that Sanjana is a sweet girl after she left. She says it was her who misunderstood. Dev teases her that whether she didn’t doubt him. Reena brings a courier for Sanjana but it is not the letter Sanjana was waiting for. She says she came to Delhi mainly for this but instead met with Dev. She feels life is so unpredictable. Next day, Dev and Sonakshi are romancing when they smell some good smell from kitchen. They find Ishwari packing halwa and gets excited. Ishwari says she made it for Sanjana who helped her buy pooja stuff. Dev leaves with his lunch. Sonakshi asks her to say to her if she wants something to buy and Ishwari says she’s not used to it. Sonakshi still urges and Ishwari agrees. She thinks if it’s because of therapist and gets happy that Sonakshi is learning.

Precap : Sanjana calls radio station in the name of gypsy girl and confesses that she loves a married man. Sonakshi and Dev finds the voice familiar.

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