Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi decides to climb down the hill with her gang

Star Plus musical show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is showing high voltage drama with Sikander’s weird behavior towards Kulfi and Kulfi trying to solve Sikander’s mystery with the help of her friends.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi decides to climb down the hill with her gang

In the episode, it is seen kulfi tries to talk Sikander but he gets violent seeing her. Amyra shouts at kulfi for hurting his dad and asks her to leave the house. At room, Lovely tries to calm Sikander and Sikander tries to get closer to Lovely, later Mahinder comes to meet Sikander and Lovely leaves from there. Kulfi’s friend from children’s house comes to meet her. Kulfi gets happy to see them and they all shares a group hug. Rocket asks Kulfi is she was crying. They all insist Kulfi to tell them the truth. Kulfi shared everything to them and showed them her drawing of the place which she saw in her dream. They all gets ready to help Kulfi. And took kulfi to the same place. Otherside, Sikander gets shocked to know that Kulfi is his daughter. Sikander asks Mahinder to tell everything about his past as because of accident he remembers nothing. Later, Sikander goes to lovely and acts weirdly. He tells Lovely that he will throw Kulfi out from his house, as he wants to live his life only with her and Amyra. Lovely gets shocked hearing him.

Now, in the upcoming episode will see Kulfi and her gang will gear up more to solve Sikanders’ mystery. Kulfi at that place prays to God to help her to find why she got Sikander’s dream last night. After sometime Kulfi will hear the voice and feels someone is calling her name. She will ask her friends to take her to down the hill as she feels someone is calling her name. Her friends will ask her not to take risk later, they all will climb down the hill to find clue.

Is Kulfi’s intuition will make her go more close to find the truth behind Sikander’s weird behavior or some there will be some twist.

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