Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Prachi takes stand for her Mom

Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler: Bullet hits Abhi's head while saving Pragya
Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler: Bullet hits Abhi's head while saving Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Aliya asks where is your Pragya di. Purab says di can’t left Abhi in this state and if she is not here that means she is in problem. Aliya asks what kind of problem? Pragya informed you about hospital and she left leaving Bhai in stretcher, she is bad luck to him and she don’t want Abhi to live. Purab raises his hand.

Aliya says slap me but answer where os your Di? She did this to take her revenge and she is Saap to Abhi bhai. Saritha and Dadi says Aliya. Aliya says did you saw how your daughter left her husband at this stage. Saritha says stop it,I’m feeling pity seeing your thoughts, you know that killers are behind Pragya and Abhi still you’re blaming my daughter, don’t take any words against Pragya.

Aliya sats your Pragya and Prachi are as. Purab shouts at Aliya saying she can’t talk in this way. Aliya sats your Pragya can do anything but I can’t see anything? How can you support Pragya even after seeing Bhai state? Dadi says why can’t you understand Pragya didn’t do any harm to Abhi. Aliya says she left him on stretcher, did you hear what doctor said about his condition?

Nurse comes out and informs them that Abhi condition is critical. Dadi cries and prays for Abhi safety. Doctor asks nurse to call senior doctor immediately to remove bullet. Nurse goes out to call Doctor and informs this to family.

Killer thinks why boss is not attending call. Pragya tries hard to open her ties but her bangles got broken. Killer sees light is flickering. Pragya asks him to leave her. Killer shuts her and he goes with his men to check the power. Pragya prays god to save Abhi.

Rhea reaches to hospital with Mitali and asks how’s her Dad and she opens the OT door and notices Abhi in bed and begs him to open his eyes in tears. Nurse asks her to leave. Purab and Aliya takes her out. Rhea asks them what happened to Dad. Aliya says nothing happened to your Dad and nothing is serious.

Rhea cries and asks them to tell what happened. Purab says he is just unconscious so console yourself. Mitali sees Abhi through glass window and asks what happened to Abhi and where is Pragya? Aliya asks Purab to answer them. Rhea asks if Pragya is fine.

Killer and his men checks the fuse and Pragya removes her ties using broken bangles and leaves from that place. Killer notices she is missing and asks his men to search her. Pragya hides from them. Men informs to Killer that Pragya is nowhere. Killer says search her otherwise I will kill you.

Aliya says your eyes are closed in fake emotions. Dadi asks Aliya to shut her mouth but Aliya says she won’t and tell to Rhea that Pragya succeeded to stop Abhi and Meera marriage and her revenge is completed too, Pragya called us and informed that Abhi is at city hospital but she left him in stretcher. Rhea says she can’t do it. Aliya says she did it for revenge and Pragya left Bhai when Kiara born and when you and Prachi born, Pragya can do anything to fulfill her aim.

Prachi enters saying her Mom can never do it because all these years she never left hope to unite with Dad than how can she left Dad in this position and I feel their is big reason behind her dissaperarance. Senior doctor goes to operation theatre and asks nurse about case file. Doctor Ramesh says 50-50. Senior doctor says survival chance is 5% but we have to remove it otherwise chance will be zero and asks his family to pray for him.

Ramesh goes out and informs this to family members and asks them to pray for Abhi life. Rhea says just shutup my Dad is super man and he can fight. Doctor says brain is almost damaged and I can’t gave you fake hopes. Purab asks what’s survival chance. Doctor says only 5% which makes everyone gets shocked.

Pragya hides behind drum. Killer and his men searches for her. Pragya notices water drops are falling on her forehead which is wiping her Sindoor than she thinks nothing can happen to Abhi and runs out from that place. Killer and his men hears sound of door and runs to that side.

Pragya hides in car dickey. Killer shows Pragya pic to one of his men and asks him to inform him if he saw her. Men agrees and says he is going to deliver the goods and asks Killer to check things opening the dickey. Pragya gets tensed.

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