Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2020 Written Update : Abhi feels happy knowing Rhea and Pragya reunion

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Episode starts with Aliya in tears breaks things in her room and shouts saying Pragya can’t snatch Rhea from her. Mitali closes Aliya room door and asks what happened? Will Pragya return to home than she will make us Servants and I scolded her believing that she will never enter this house. Aliya asks her to leave saying she needs sometime to thinks. Mitali says Pragya will take revenge on us by making us work like servants and leaves.

Aliya thinks she have to win in this battle by hook or crook. Rhea says to Pragya that she didn’t thought to kill Prachi after knowing they are sisters. Pragya says yeah I’m mistaken and slapped you in anger. Rhea says it’s fine because you didn’t slap me in childhood. Both smiles. Rhea says you love Prachi na. Pragya sats she loves both of them.

Rhea asks Pragya to take her to home so they can send Prachi to Abhi. Dadi comes to them and says that they can live as a family to experience parents love. Rhea agrees. Pragya says until now Prachi didn’t know this truth and she will be happy if she knows it. Dadi blesses them and goes to Inform this to Abhi.

Rhea takes Pragya with her to celebrate Diwali with her.Shahana teases Ranbir. Saritha asks her to tell what happened. Shahana says Ranbir says he was busy when I called him for tea but he agrees in second when Prachi called him. Saritha says he did good. Shahana tells how Prachi used to scold him. Prachi brings tea to everyone than Saritha takes Shahana with her to inside. Prachi to goes aside than Ranbir follows her.

Mitali thinks Aliya might be crying seeing Abhi and Pragya doing Aarti together and Dadi might unite Abhi with Pragya and glad noone knows I hate Pragya otherwise Pragya might take revenge on me and Raj bank balance is nil so I have to serve Pragya to settle in this house. Dadi searches Abhi and he asks what happened.

Dadi says they are united. Abhi says so God listened to my prayers. Dadi says yes and he asks her to meet them. Abhi gets to know from guests that Rhea went to upstairs with some lady so he runs to upstairs.Ranbir goes to Prachi room and so I look like loafer to you, first answer my questions do you feel I’m flirt and Casanova.

Prachi says it’s previous opinion but it’s changed after knowing about you and I got to know you’re good hearted and when we are travelling I feel like I’m with my destination when you’re with me. Ranbir smiles. Prachi asks why you didn’t agreed to come inside when Shahana invited you. Ranbir asks why she wants to know.

Prachi says she feels good if she knows it from him. Ranbir adjusts her hair and says I want you to command and order me because my life is yours than why will I listen to other requests. Prachi smiles and asks him to have tea. Ranbir drinks it and says that their is no sugar and he makes her drink it.

Prachi says it’s sweet only than Ranbir drinks it again and says Thais is perfect tea Nd asks her to prepare it for him only.Rhea and Pragya lits the Diyas, Abhi feels happy and hugs both of them and says that he is so happy. Rhea says me too but why you didn’t you tell me about mom. Pragya says it’s because if her.

Rhea goes to bring crackers. Abhi says you scared of crackers right. Pragya says she can do anything for Rhea happiness. Rhea brings fire works and Pragya gets scared, Abhi protects her. Rhea feels happy seeing them and thinks Abhi is protective and caring men.

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