Kundali Bhagya 20th November 2020 Written Update : Mahira lies to Kareena and Dadi

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Episode begins with Karan tells Rishab and Sameer that Preeta is not fighting with him today but he is happy that she is not fighting with him. Rishab asks why he is happy. Karan says she fights with him after every two minutes unnecessarily and keep shouting at him but today she is silent and he thinks that she is silent because she didn’t eat anything since morning. He says today she doesn’t have any strength to fight with him so he is thinking to not give food to her and laughs at his idea. Sameer says that’s good idea if he gives less food to her then she will be tired easily and won’t fight with him.

Karan says he can’t do that because he doesn’t likes this Preeta who is so silent towards him and she doesn’t even says anything to him even though he fights with her and says he likes the Preeta who always fights with him. Rishab smiles hearing him.Sameer tells Rishab to say something to Karan. Rishab says today belongs to husband and wife and he wants him and Preeta to get close to each other. Karan says here he is talking about fight and they are talking something else and says today actually fight didn’t happened because of him and says he didn’t fight with her today, she kept fast for him so he didn’t wanted to spoil his name and tells them to not tease him. Rishab says they are teasing and just telling the thing they are feeling.

Karan says they misinterpreted everything. Sameer says then he is not talking about Mahira when she is also kept fast for him and it’s just that he is not accepting that his heart also wants Preeta only. Karan says Sameer talking a lot nowadays and says he is going to complaint about them to Rakhi and leaves from there. Rishab tells Sameer that Karan falling for Preeta slowly but he is not understanding that. Sameer says he understands that and he can see that. Rishab asks what he saw. For that Sameer replied saying he can see love for Preeta in Karan’s eyes.

Rishab says he won’t accept it that easily, it will take time. Preeta was taking rest in her room. When she tried to stand her stomach starts to pain and she cries. In kitchen, Dadi tells Mahira that if she didn’t wanted to keep fast then she should not have started it and says she is disappointed with her and she hurted her today by doing this and says these rituals has meaning. Kareena says Mahira claims herself as Karan’s wife and says she wants to prove herself as best to everyone but what she is doing now and says she is so shocked now and asks what’s wrong with her.

Mahira tells Sherlyn to open her mouth and feeds her. She says Sherlyn didn’t eat anything since morning and she was about to faint also that’s why she brought her here forcefully to feed her, she is pregnant also and staying hungry is not good for both of them that’s why but they misunderstood her. She says when she can die for Karan then can’t she stay hungry for him. Kareena , Dadi apologize to her and hugs her. Sherlyn thinks Mahira used her to save herself.

Kareena and Dadi teases Rishab saying he seems so tensed from the time he gets to know about Sherlyn’s pregnancy. Dadi assures him saying he can fulfill the duties of father very well. Karan informs them that Rakhi keeping fast for Mahesh. Dadi tells Kareena that she is worried for Preeta’s health because she did all the preparations even though she was not well and they should not forget that she is keeping fast for Karan.

Kareena says she is talking like Rakhi. Mahira taunts Preeta and says her destiny changing but in a bad way. Preeta says no one can predict the future. Mahira says this time she will throw her out of the house permanently. Episode ends.

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