Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2020 Written Update: Pragya wants to meet Abhi.

Episode starts with. Aaryan throws water on Mr kolhi as he wants to throw water on Sahana. Mr kolhisaw Ranbir and ask him what are you doing here. Ranbir said,i want to help you so i came here. Then Mr kolhi asks Ranbir to drive him home. But Ranbir said no to him as he wants to help Pragya.

There, Prachi come  for lighten up lamp. Rhea is also there. And she’s watching prachi.Here, Pragya asks Ranbir you don’t need to do all of this. Ranbir said it’s his dream to become a big waiter so he want to do this. They both start laughing and afterwards they saw Prachi.

And there is electricity wire on floor. Pragya and Ranbir stop Prachi and save her from electricity shock.Meanwhile Pragya saw someone behinds the Carton. But she founds nothing. As Rhea runs away from there.

Here, Mr chobey introduce his family to Abhi.Abhi saw Maya and her fiance. And He  congratulates both of them. Mr chobey asks Abhi for a family photo with him. Abhi agreed and while they shoot photo. Abhi said to Maya. Your father doesn’t know about your bad deeds.But  one day everyone will know about your deeds. And that’s when your life becomehell.

Meanwhile, Mr chobey asks Abhi to sing a song. And Abhi sing a song for him. Pragya saw Abhi while he is singing. She wants  to meet him but he went away.

Afterwards Ranbirasks Prachi, how are you. Prachi said, am fine Ranbir. Then Ranbir asks him tell me what  happens to you. Your behavior is changed towards me. Prachi said forget this and lets focus on Maya.

Abhi saw Maya’s necklace he recalls that he buys exact same peacefor Rhea. There, Ranbir wants to confession something to Prachi. (Episode end)