Kumkum Bhagya 24th February 2021 Written Update: Pragya saves Abhi life

Kumkum Bhagya 24th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Pragya says I don’t need your good byes, wakeup for me, don’t break your promises. Nurse tells to Pragya that Abhi is dead and asks her to leave. Pragya warns her to call doctor saying Abhi is alive showing knife. Nurse runs out. Killer and his men searches for Pragya in hospital. Digvijay reaches to Killer place and gets to know from Killer Men that Pragya is missing. Digvijay calls Killer and says Pragya heard my voice and maybe she saw my face too do kill her asap. Killer agrees.

Pragya says I’m stubborn like you, if you won’t open your eyes than I will die with you and you have to fight with God for me, she presses and beats Abhi heart with force, with blessings of God, Abhi regains his life. Pragya feels happy seeing his hand is moving and kisses him happily and thanks him for returning to her and she shouts for Doctor. One of the nurse come inside and tells he is dead. Pragya shouts saying he is alive and asks Nurse to check his pulse. Killer years Pragya voice and comes to OT room side. Nurse notices Abhi pulse and goes to call Doctor. Pragya sees Killer and covers Abhi face and runs out. Doctor checks Abhi is alive and asks nurse to call Senior Doctor.

Pragya tries to runs out but she lost her conscious. Goons follow her. Nurse notices Pragya state and they takes her inside room. Killer and his men stops seeing police in the hospital. Digvijay beats Killer badly for leaving Pragya alive and tells him that he likes to win and his revenge gets completed once Pragya is dead.

After 2 days Pragya gains conscious at home. Prachi and others feels happy and Saritha ji asks if she is fine. Pragya says fine, how’s he. Saritha says he is at his place. Pragya asks why he didn’t came here? And questions if he is fine or not. Saritha says it’s miracle that Abhi is survived. Pragya asks how she reached to home. Saritha says you’re in coma from last days and doctor allowed us to take you to home. Pragya says 2days? Let’s go to Abhi place, he will be waiting for us. Prachi says we went to meet him but Aliya and Mitali are not allowing us. Pragya says she can’t wait and insists meet him immediately. Prachi and Shahana goes to get their mobiles but Pragya leaves locking them inside house without listening to Saritha ji.

Mitali asks Rhea to join them for breakfast. Rhea asks how can you guys eat food? Did you check how’s Dad? Anyways enjoy the food because you don’t care for my dad. Aliya says she is overreacting. Rhea says keep me out of it, I don’t want to talk to you guys. Prachi, Shahana and Saritha ji feels worried for Pragya. Saritha says Aliya won’t allow Pragya to meet Abhi. Prachi says Mom is strong and noone can stop her so she will definitely meet Dad so let’s plan how to welcome Dad and Mom. Shahana agrees and both goes to start preparation. Mitali asks how can we hide about Abhi matter from everyone. Tai says we have to hide it. Aliya says yes, we have to change our servants to keep the Abhi secret and we can’t let this secret go out. They gets shocked seeing Pragya. Aliya asks Pragya to stop in her place.

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