Kundali Bhagya 24th February 2021 Written Update: Krithika decides to marry Prithvi again

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Will Preeta tell Karan about Prithvi's threat??

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Episode begins with Dadi asks just because Prithvi saved Krithika from Goons that’s not mean she will marry him. Krithika says she didn’t finished her story yet and says they escaped from Goons but those Goons followed them. Prithvi takes Krithika to marriage venue where so many couples waiting to marry saying this is crowded place so they can hide there. MLA announces that here eight couple going to get married and asks Priest to start the marriage rituals. Those Goons comes there and seeing them Prithvi, Krithika hides under the table. MLA sees those Goons and tells his staff Arun to send them out because they may create trouble for others.

Those Goons meets MLA and informs him that they are searching one person. Prithvi says seems like they won’t leave. Krithika says she has an idea to escape from them and they sits one of the marriage mandap wearing groom and bride’s clothes. Prithvi marries Krithika and recalls how one of the couple was not ready to marry so he asked them to give their clothes to them saying they loves each other. Krithika says this is how their marriage happened.

Karan says he won’t accept this marriage. Preeta says this is just a mistake not marriage so Krithika need not to took responsibility for this marriage and says Prithvi is kidnapper and characterless. Krithika says Preeta said same thing about Akshay too but what happened. Sherlyn says Karan, Preeta is right and says Krithika is daughter of Luthra family and she can’t say that she got settled with this person because she stuck in that place.

Prithvi asks what’s happening here and why everyone talking like he is not present here and asks what was his mistake that everyone is against him in this house. He says Sarla choosed him for Preeta and Sarla’s choice can’t be wrong. Karan warns him to not interfere. Prithvi says they are judging him considering his past which is wrong so he has to interfere. Krithika says Prithvi didn’t judge her seeing her past and she won’t judge him for his past.

Preeta tells her to think before committing with someone and tells her to not think about society and she should just think about her life. She says they don’t love each other and says she doesn’t know anything about Prithvi. Mahira tried to interfere but Karan stops her. Krithika says Karan doesn’t even know that his marriage happening with Preeta but now they are living together happily so she and Prithvi too can live happily together.

Preeta asks her to not compare both the situations and says she and Karan were husband and wife already. Krithika says she accepted Prithvi as her husband and asks why they are not accepting Prithvi when he just saved her life. Karan says Prithvi can’t become son in law of this house and leaves from there. Dadi asks Krithika to not cry saying she will support her.

Kareena says she won’t accept this marriage because it didn’t happened in front of her. Krithika says she will marry Prithvi again in front of her family. Kareena hugs her. Prithvi asks Preeta to do their marriage preparations. Mahira tells Sherlyn to not cry saying everything will become fine. Sherlyn says she wants to stay alone and locks herself in the room and says she didn’t expected this from Prithvi.

Episode ends.

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