Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2020 Written Update: Ranbir’s family is in trouble.

Episode starts with. Ranbir’s grandmother and Pallavi said, we don’t know anything. You just can’t marry that girl. Ranbir said i also don’t want to marry her. But Vikram said. No, you have to  marry Maya otherwise his father will  kill us. He is very powerful. Ranbir said  he is  powerful. But that  doesn’t mean that i will  marry his daughter. Meantime Abhi said, don’t worry i will do something. And the he saw Prachi and thanked  her as she brought his important project file. And Prachi and Ranbir went from there. And duo thinking about Mr chobey’s threating  words.

MeanwhileRanbir ‘s family is thinking about Mr Choubey, they were thinking about how to get out from this problem , Abhi  says i know more powerful person and his name is Siddharth Sharma. He can slove our problem. Chobey is also become a leader because of him. So he can help us. Meantime Pallavi said, because of this Rhea also become sad. Abhi is thinking in his mind. How will  she be not sad. she loves Ranbir.And this marriage drama made her sad.

There, Rhea is talking with Aliya. She said. In video. Ranbir’s threating words were looking  like love proposal. And now Maya’s father forced Ranbir to marry Maya. Aliya said to her don’t worry you call Maya and ask her to refuse  this marriage. Rhea starts calling Maya but she is  not picking up her calls. Here Maya wants to tell her father that. She don’t want to marry Ranbir. But her mother said, if you tell this to your father is political carry will spoiled. So shut your mouth and marry Ranbir.

Meanwhile Rhea asks Aliya. Did you know about Maya’s family. Aliya said no i will not. But don’t worry everything will be fine. There, Ranbir dropped Prachi at her home. Prachi said to Ranbir. Ranbiri will always be there for you. We will fight for this marriage drama. Ranbir thanked her. And Prachi went. There, Savita aunty asks. What happened why have you  come so late. And  She tells Savita and Sahana about today’s drama.

MeanwhileRanbir is sitting in his car and thinking about Prachi and wants to tell her. That he loves her so much. But because of that crafty girl who spoils Ranbir’s life he can’t tell about his ture feelings for Prachi. Here, Ranbir’s grandmother is getting worried for him,why he has not come home yet. Meanwhile Ranbir came to his home. (Episode end)