Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2022 Written Update: Ranbir confronts Prachi with her pregnancy medication

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The episode starts with Vikram saying he is a good husband but not a good father. Ranbir says no, you’re drunk. Vikram says I’m drunk that’s why saying the truth as this drink cooled my mind so listen to me. Ranbir asks him to tell everything saying he will listen. Vikram says you’re the best son but I’m not good Dad. Ranbir says you’re good Dad. Vikram tells he didn’t support him when he needs his support in the Prachi matter, so sorry. Ranbir says don’t apologize to me and tonight we have to forget everything and he too drinks with his Dad. Vikram asks him to not tell to Pallavi. Ranbir agrees and both gets drunk. Ranbir tells they have to sleep as it’s getting late. Vikram repeats the same. Ranbir tells him good night and they leave to their rooms.

Drunk Ranbir goes to Prachi’s room and notices she is sleeping then he stares at her sitting near the bed and he thinks to kiss her once she woke up and he tells don’t hate me as I can’t bear it and Mom knows that Dad drinks but Mom won’t tell him anything as she likes him and I know you don’t like me to drink so tell me then I will never touch the drink as I love you and please tell me how much you love me, I know you won’t tell me and he feels headache and he tries to open the drawer to take medicine. Prachi stops him and asks what he wants. Ranbir falls in her lap. She gets shocked but then says Bablu and he locks the drawer with the key and sleeps in that way.

Aliya comes to Kitchen for water and she thinks she is not getting sleep and while going in that way she sees Ranbir is sleeping in Prachi’s lap then she calls Pallavi. Pallavi asks Vikram to sleep and she goes outside and asks why she called in the night. Aliya tells it’s important and asks her to come near Prachi’s room. Pallavi comes near Prachi’s room. Aliya shows her how Ranbir is sleeping on Prachi’s lap. Pallavi gets angry and says she can’t see it. Aliya says Prachi is crossing limits so we have to separate Ranbir and Prachi. Pallavi says I thought they won’t talk with each other after their fight but here. Aliya asks her to bring Rhea and Ranbir closer if she can’t separate Prachi and Ranbir. Pallavi says you’re correct and she tells next morning she will talk with Ranbir and Prachi. Aliya asks what’s her plan. Pallavi smiles.

Next morning Prachi wakes up and recalls last night’s incident. Ranbir tells her good morning. Prachi asks what’s he doing in her room. Ranbir asks her to not get up and he asks her to drink the tea with him. Prachi denies and asks why he got drunk. Ranbir says I drank to learn what’s hidden from me. Prachi notices keys are with her. Ranbir takes keys from her and says this means you locked the drawer. Prachi asks him to leave the room. Ranbir confronts Prachi for taking medicines for Baby growth and if any woman takes it then that means she is pregnant. Prachi gets shocked.

Episode ends.

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