Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 13th November 2019: Ranbir warns Sanju and reconciles with Prachi

The episode starts with Purab asks Pragya do you trust me? Pragya says yes and asks him what’s the reason for asking this type of question. Purab says nothing happened between him and Aliya in that restaurant 20 years back like Disha mentioned to her. Disha saw them together and imagined the situation in the wrong way. Will you also think about it in the same way. Pragya says she trust both of them but can’t take any side. Purab says Disha is not wrong but she imagined I betrayed her and left home and she didn’t even inform where she has gone to clear our difference. And now it’s after 20 years everything is changed. And she created her fake affair with Ritik but Ritik have of Veronica. Pragya says Loving Disha is not enough to unite them.

Abhi calls Police to get help to catch the servant. Rhea prays to god for help. Abhi wipes Rhea tears and asks her to relax. Aliya thinks Rhea has done something stupid that’s why crying. Aliya says Rhea is guilty of blaming Prachi. Ranbir says he lost him. Abhi says sorry to Prachi. Prachi says he trusted her that’s enough.

 when everyone tries to leave Ranbir stops them and Ranbir says that whoever has accused Prachi and said bad things about her must apologize to her. Aaliya asks what is wrong? Ranbir says everyone has said wrong things about her, her upbringing, character, family. Aaliya says Ranbir lost his mind. Abhi says it’s wrong to point on someone’s character and upbringing he asks to apologize to Prachi. Everyone apologies. Abhi asks Aliya to apologize to Prachi. Aliya says she didn’t mean what she said and she just reacted according to the incident. She apologies to Prachi.

Prachi cries sying never felt bad for her but she felt bad when everyone is blaming her mom and upbringing. Abhi consoles her and says he will drop them at home but Rhea asks him to don’t go leaving her. Abhi hugs both of them and asks them to stop crying.

Abhi asks Ranbir to take Prachi and Shahana to their home. Sanju says Prachi likes him to some boys. Ranbir overhears his words and says there is no common point between him and Prachi except they are from the same locality. Ranbir question Sanju why he is saying to those boys Prachi likes him. Prachi asks them what happened. Sanju manages saying he just said He knows Prachi from a long time. Prachi says yes and he came to apologize to her for his behaviour. Shahana taunts him for his bad behaviour. Ranbir warns Sanju to stay away from Prachi.

Purab says it’s correct we cant force someone to live with us, maybe she needs time. Pragya says she needs trust not time. Purab says what kind of barosa she needed. Pragya says trust is needed more than love. And asks him to bring back Disha barosa on him.

Rhea thinks who’s Abhi loving more. Abhi says it’s not right to blame someone we know based on incidents. Abhi asks Priyank to take care of her so he can thank meera for Informing on correct time.

Ranbir drops them at house and waits for Prachi to say something to him but she left. Nani asks What happened to them and where is Pragya. Shahana says Prachi is fine. Prachi run outside and says thanks to Ranbir. Prachi asks why he helped her even though he don’t like her. Ranbir says he felt bad when everyone badmouths about her.