Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 1st November 2019: Abhi waits for Pragya

Today’s episode starts with Pragya waits for taxi with Rishi. Abhi comes but Pragya didn’t able to see him. There, Priyanka goes to the terrace and switches off the light thinking than it will be easy for her to push Shahana from the terrace. Prachi comes and Priyanka thinks it is Shahna and pushes her. Ranir comes at the same time and saves Prachi. Shahna comes and ask Ranbir why he has called her. Ranbir says he didn’t call anyone. Priyanka says a waiter ask her too that Ranbir is calling her. Ranbir stands confused.

Other side, Abhi knocks at Pragya’s door. Madhu tells to Abhi that Pragya is not at home. Abhi tells to her that he wanted to surprise Pragya and ask her to help him. Here, Rohit and his friend comes and sees Prachi. He goes to meet her but Riya drags him. Abhi says to Madhu that she speaks a lot. He further calls her sister and Madhu gets emotional.

Madhu calls to Pragya and ask her to return back. Abhi ask Madhu to act more, Pragya agrees to go back home. She tells to Rishi that Madhu might be missing her family thus she will go back home. Afterwards, Sarita calls Rishi and ask her to take back home. Rishi tells to Pragya that Sarita is not feeling back so he is going to take her back. Pragya ask Rishi to go.

Later, Riya tells Sanju the plan to win Prachi’s heart. Priyanka interrupts and tells Sanju their plan to putting Prachi’s honor at stake. Duo ask Sanju to pretend spending romantic time with Prachi and their live romance video will be displayed in the party on TV. Sanju stands shocked. (Episode Ends).