Kundali Bhagya 17th February 2020 Written Update: Truck driver comes in front of Preeta again

Episode begins with Preeta asks Karan that he bought flowers for her? She tries to get the balloons but her duppata strucked in car door so Karan tries to help her like this they comes close to each other. He says one flower vendor requested him buy flowers from him that’s why he bought them. She asks if someone else was in her place then also he would have gave the bouquet to her? He says he would not have and starts the car. On the other side, Sristy asks the auto driver to drive fast but because of some problem auto stops at middle road and tries to call Sameer but her mobile battery is dead so she decides to walk.

Karan says whatever happens everyone blames him only and says Sarla too slapped him without listening him. Preeta shocks hearing him and apologize to him and says he should not be blamed for Mahira but he should be only blamed in petrol issue. He shocks listening her. She says he should have checked the petrol because he is the one who drives his bike when he knows he is gonna help her. He asks her stay silent otherwise he will stop the car right there.

She asks him to stop the car because she is not afraid of him. He stops the car and says till she apologize to him he won’t start the car. She comes out and says she won’t apologize to him and he knows she can’t drive that’s why taking advantage of the situation. Then he apologize to her and says to fulfill his promise they have to reach the truck driver and asks her to sit in the car.

Sameer tells Rishab that Karan didn’t reacted when Sarla said so many things to him and even slapped him. Rishab gets surprised knowing Karan didn’t reacted for Sarla’s slap. Sameer feels Sarla overreacted.

Rishab makes Sameer understand Sarla and Sristy’s situation and says Sarla’s anger towards Karan is justified because Karan already broked her trust many times  and says Karan too understood her that’s why he didn’t reacted to her slap too and Karan did right by not reacting. Sameer says in anger Karan went somewhere in his bike without telling anything. Rishab asks did Sameer talked with Sristy about Karan?

Sameer says he is afraid to go in front of her now. Rishab says if Mahira reached court on time then everything would be fine. Sameer goes from there saying he have some work to do. Rishab thinks who would have kidnapped Mahira and that person didn’t wanted Preeta’s release.

Sherlyn says she thought she is biggest enemy of Preeta but she was wrong. Mahira says she doesn’t feel she did anything wrong. Sherlyn asks her be aware of luthra’s because they are clever enough to find out the truth and says if anything like that happens also she will help Mahira.

Mahira asks Sherlyn about her child’s father. Sherlyn says that’s her secret and asks Mahira to not interfere in her life. She says she came to tell that she will support Mahira always. Mahira says she doesn’t need Sherlyn’s help. Luthra’s comes there. Rakhi says soon the goons will be caught by police and they will get the punishment too for sure. Mahira and Sherlyn shocks hearing this.

Truck driver reaches one dhaba and tells his friends about the accident contract and says he is thinking to buy new truck. Karan and Preeta too reaches that place. Karan says he will go alone inside because after seeing her Truck driver may run away.

Preeta says Karan never saw the truck driver so he can’t identify him. Karan says he will take selfie with everyone and will show it to her and goes inside. Truck driver and his friends sees Karan there and requests him to take selfie with them and says they are Karan’s big fans. Karan too takes selfie with them and goes to Preeta. Truck driver follows Karan to take one more selfie and sees Preeta with him. Preeta too sees him.

Episode ends.