Kundali Bhagya Weekly Update: Preeta marries Rishabh for Kavya’s sake.

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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Preeta says that she is pregnant with Karan’s baby and cries. Rakhi asks her to not cry. She adds that Preeta need not to defend herself because no one suspects her. Everyone agrees with her. Kritika says that Prithvi will lie to others too so they have to do something. Mahesh says that he knows what they should do. He suggests ‘chadar dalna’ ritual. Rishabh asks him that what is ‘chadar dalna’. Dadi explains about that ritual. Mahesh asks Rishabh to marry Preeta. Rishabh asks him that if this is the time to talk about all this. Mahesh says that Preeta’s baby needs a father. Preeta runs to her room and locks herself in a room. She tells Karan’s picture that they are talking about separating them. Everyone pleads Preeta to open the door. Rishabh and Sameer breaks the door.

Preeta tells Srishti that she won’t get separated from Karan. Rishabh tells her that no one will separate her from Karan. Other side, Sherlyn scolds Prithvi for telling Luthras that Preeta is pregnant with his baby. She tells him that Luthras were talking about Preeta and Rishabh’s marriage. He tells her that Preeta won’t marry Rishabh at any cost. She tells him that Preeta will marry Rishabh for her baby’s sake. Preeta cries recalling that how Karan fell from the dam. Rakhi asks her to not torture herself. Beeji tells Preeta that it won’t be easy to live alone. Rakhi pleads Preeta to marry Rishabh for the latter’s baby sake. She tells her that her baby deserves to get a father’s love and Rishabh can give that love to her baby.

Rishabh tells Mahesh that Preeta is Karan’s love and how can he marry Preeta. Dadi tells him that he has to fulfill his responsibilities. He tells her that he is ready to sacrifice himself and he need not to marry Preeta to fulfill his responsibility. Luthras convinces Rishabh to marry Preeta. Rakhi convinces Preeta to marry Rishabh. Later, Preeta cries recalling that how Karan promised to stay with her always. Srishti asks her to stop crying because even Karan don’t like her crying. In the market, Sherlyn learns from Girish about Rishabh and Preeta’s marriage and she informs about it to Prithvi. Rakhi informs Preeta that ‘chadar dalna’ ritual will happen tonight. She says that she kept the saree on the bed and asks her to wear it. She thanks her for saving the family’s respect.

Rishabh and Preeta gets ready for the marriage. Rishabh tells Preeta that he is marrying her for Karan and Karan’s baby. And they will stay as friends only after marriage too. Other side, Prithvi learns that Sherlyn signed on the divorce papers because Rishabh threatened to file a case against her. They sneaks into Luthra house. Mahesh tells Rishabh that he is forcing him to marry Preeta because he don’t want anyone to accuse Preeta like Prithvi. Rishabh tells him that he will protect Preeta. Mahesh thanks him. They goes downstairs. Priest asks them to bring the bride. Rakhi and Beeji goes to Preeta’s room. Rakhi makes Preeta wear the veil. She tells her that she is sure that the latter’s future will be good. Sherlyn makes make Rakhi fall so Beeji goes to help Rakhi. Meanwhile, Prithvi closes Preeta’s mouth and drags her inside the room. Sherlyn wears Preeta’s veil. Rakhi and Beeji takes Sherlyn downstairs.

In the store room, Prithvi asks Priest to chant the marriage mantras. He warns Preeta to not scream because he can harm her baby. Srishti notices Sherlyn’s hand and understands that, that’s not Preeta. She hears a noise and goes to store room. Sameer follows her. They gets shocked seeing Prithvi with Preeta. Sameer is about to barge into the store room. But Srishti stops him and tells him that Prithvi has knife so they can’t take any risk because Preeta is pregnant. Sameer asks her that who is sitting beside Rishabh. She tells him that, that must be Sherlyn. She says that they have to swap the brides again. She drops some ingredient on the hawan kund deliberately and when smoke increases, Srishti and Sameer drags Sherlyn from there.

Rakhi follows them and questions them. She gets shocked seeing Sherlyn. Srishti tells her everything. Rakhi slaps Sherlyn. Srishti puts the veil on Sherlyn and pin it so Sherlyn can’t remove the veil to show her face to Prithvi. Sameer puts smoke bomb in the store room. Rakhi takes Preeta from there. Sameer and Srishti makes Sherlyn sit on Preeta’s place. Rishabh and Preeta gets married. Prithvi and Sherlyn gets married. Prithvi learns the truth. Police arrests Prithvi and Sherlyn.

After 5 years, Rakhi is angry that Rishabh left for meeting without having breakfast. She tells Preeta to call Rishabh and tell him to return to have breakfast. Preeta tells her that Rishabh must be busy and she don’t have her phone now. Preeta’s daughter Kavya brings Preeta’s phone and tells her to scold Rishabh. Rakhi thinks that Kavya is exactly like Karan. Kavya video calls Rishabh and gives the phone to Preeta. Preeta scolds Rishabh on Kavya’s behest. She asks him to bring bat and chocolate for Kavya.

Kavya kisses on Preeta’s cheek. Rishabh sees that and understands that Kavya is behind everything. He asks Preeta to handle Rakhi because he has to attend an auction. Preeta convinces Rakhi. Later, Rishabh impresses Raja Rajshiv Rathore by offering a great deal and wins the auction too. Mayank informs Arjun who is living in London about their loss. Arjun decides to find out about Rishabh Luthra. He reaches his engagement venue and meets his finance Nidhi.

In the upcoming episode, Nidhi asks Arjun to close the deal and return to London as soon as possible. Arjun meets with an accident.

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