Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 11th June 2021 Written Update: What will Veer do to bring back Amrit?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 11th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Amrit crying on the road. Amrit comes to a temple and prays to god. Amrit asks god for help that what can she do to help Veer and Randhir? What is her mistake? How should I balance both? Why am I being tested always? Suddenly, god’s chunri flies and Amrit thinks it’s god’s sign so she follows it. The chunri falls on a beggar sleeping near the temple. Amrit lifts the chunri. She asks the beggar if he is okay? Amrit decides to take him to hospital. Amrit brings him to the hospital. The doctor says these patients here are away from their families since the partition. Amrit looks at the patients, one patient asks about a shop and Amrit remembers Lahore and gets emotional. Amrit talks to the patient assuring him. The doctor sees Amrit talking the language of the patient and gets happy.

A small boy tells Amrit why is she crying, and I am always enteetaining everyone here. Amrit is shocked to see the legs of the boy cut off and he is on wheelchair. The boy says I lost my leg but I am seeing the bigger picture. While talking to the boy, Amrit realises she got so hopeless and pledges to set things right. Amrit goes back to home. Amrit goes to Randhir and hugs him. Randhir is happy seeing Amrit like that. Amrit says I am sorry, I love you very much and will always love you. Randhir smiles. Amrit says I will leave Veer for you. Veer screams and wakes up as he saw the bad dream. Veer thinks Amrit must be with Randhir so he goes to find her.

Here, Amrit plays radio and dances to cheer everyone. The beggar she brought gains consciousness, he sees Amrit. All the other oatuents are happy seeing Amrit happy. Amrit falls and everyone gets worried but Amrit laughs. Doctor praises Amrit and her efforts. Amrit says I am thankful to all of you as I learnt so much today. Amrit goes to the beggar and says take care and recover fast. The person is trying to stop Amrit but she leaves.

Here, Bhanu asks Vashma to come and sit. Vashma remembers Saroj’s words and sits on the other small chair but Bhanu says come sit here. Saroj says Vashma you clarified where you were for past 4 years so I am not angry on you, welcome to the family, come help me in kitchen. Vashma gets happy. Saroj says forget the past, there is no fight between us. Saroj asks Vashma to take the duplicate keys as she is also a member now. Vashma picks up the keys and Saroj stops her from screaming. Flashback is shown where Saroj made keys hot from flame. Flashback ends. Saroj says always remember you place is below me. Vashma cries out of pain and gets blisters.

Here, Nalini comes to Randhir and takes care of him. Nalini sees a sign on his leg and says even my little son had this. Veer sees this and thinks Randhir won again. Nalini goes out and Vijender says I feel our son is still alive somewhere.

Here, Uday comes to see Vashma’s wound. Uday asks how did you got yourself hurt? Vashma says nothing, my hand got burnt while cooking. He asks did Saroj let you come in the kitchen. She nods. He asks her to be careful, don’t go anywhere. She cries and says I m getting punished that I lost your son. He says you look the ugliest when you cry, you used to fight the world alone, don’t blame yourself, I got this job application for you, you aren’t made for this kitchen work, go and earn a big name, that the world seems short in front of you, I used to get inspired recalling you. She hugs him. She says I wish this partition didn’t change, it snatched a lot from us, we were so happy, Amrit’s happiness is snatched by someone. Amrit comes home. Veer asks where were you. She says I was with Randhir, you would be thinking this, right. He says tell me. She says I had gone to find Amrit,I found her.

Episode ends.

Precap: Amrit tells Randhir his dad is alive. Here, someone shoots Veer.

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