Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 17th November 2023 Written Update: Suraj uses Kabir to destroy Kesar’s dream

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 17th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suraj coming to Kabir and saying to Kabir that he wants Kesar’s business to be a hit but only after his diamond park business is a bigger hit than her business. Kabir says to Suraj that his thinking is really dirty. Suraj says to Kabir for men they have to be successful if not they will have no respect in the society. Suraj says to Kabir that he needs to make sure that Kesar business project fails. Kabir hearing this tries to lay his hand on Suraj but Suraj reminds Kabir that it will not be good for Macchan if he lays his hand on him. Kabir hearing this backs down. Suraj says to Kabir that he wants Kesar to be successful housewife not a successful businesswoman only then will she listen to him. Kabir hearing this staples his hand in anger. Ambica comes to Suraj and says to Suraj that they need to go and meet Minister. Suraj agrees. Kabid begs Suraj and asks him not to make him do this and says he can’t destroy Kesar’s dream. Suraj asks Kabir to make a choice and says if Kesar’s dream is more important to him or Macchan’s life. Kabir falls in a dilemma.


Shakuntala thinks who might have beaten up Moksh. Shakuntala just hopes Aarthi’s marriage will happen soon and she will be able to reduce her burden. The marriage broker asks Shakuntala why is she calling her own daughter a burden. Shakuntala makes up a reason for it.

Desai says to Kesar that they will not be able to invest in her initiative. Kesar asks Desai why is that? Desai says their decision is final and cuts the call. Kabir gives money to Desai as he rejected Kesar’s company file.

Suraj asks Kesar why did that financial company reject her. Suraj says he will talk to Desai. Kesar thanks Suraj for her help and says she has to do all of this alone. Suraj says it’s her choice.

Kabir feels guilty as he created a hurdle for Kesar’s dream. Kabir worries about Aarthi and calls Shakuntala. Shakuntala says Aarthi went to beauty parlour.

Aarthi regains consciousness and thinks Ansh is infront of her. Aarthi talks sweetly with Kiran thinking he is Ansh. Aarthi later loses consciousness. Shakuntala asks Kiran not to worry and says she is taking really good care of Aarthi. Kiran takes blood from Aarthi.

Dhruvi comments on Ansh. Dhruvi later asks if he has feelings for Aarthi. Ansh says he has friends feelings for Aarthi. Ansh says he has to save Aarthi at any cost.

Suraj comes and sees that Kesar has shredded his diamond park original designs and comments on Kesar. Suraj says to Kesar that it’s not right for her to be so absent minded that she will destroy his dreams. Kesar says she hasn’t do that wantonly.

It is shown Kabir shreds Suraj’s designs at Suraj’s order. Kabir thinks Suraj is really bad guy.

Leela hearing this comments on Kesar. Suraj says he will think of something.

Ambica says to Suraj that people make a mistake from time to time it doesn’t mean that he should get angry at them. Leela says it isn’t Suraj’s fault and says Suraj is frustrated with what happened. Kesar says if she made a mistake then she will solve it. Kesar vows to Suraj that she will think of a way. Suraj agrees.

Jayathi thinks how could Kesar make that kind of mistake. Darshan says Kesar didn’t do that mistake but instead it was done by…. Darshan couldn’t take Kabir’s name. Jayathi and Jinal calm down Darshan.

Kesar tries to put back the Suraj’s diamond park designs from the shredded papers.

Suraj offers help to Kesar. Kesar says she will get her phone so they could take pictures and it will be safe. Suraj agrees and leaves from there. Kesar comes back and sees that there is ink spilled on Suraj’s diamond park designs. Kesar feels helpless as all her hardwork has gone down the drain.

It is shown Suraj comes to Kabir and asks Kabir to spill the ink on diamond park designs. Kabir follows Suraj’s instructions and spills ink on them.

Kesar and Suraj come and meet Mulchand the diamond park designer and they ask him to make the designs again. Mulchand reminds them that he makes handmade designs and says he can’t make it again. Kesar hearing this asks Mulchand to give her one of his staff so that she could recreate his designs as she remembers every detail of it. Mulchand agrees with Kesar’s insistence.

Kiran gets to know from Moksh that Ansh is the one who has beaten him up as Moksh take a photo of Ansh when he is about to leave. Kiran decides to teach a lesson to Ansh.

Kesar tries to recreate the diamond park designs with the Mulchand’s staff. They say a main link is missing and asks Kesar to recall about it.

Suraj comes to Kabir and asks Kabir to get to work. Kabir comments on Suraj. Suraj reminds Kabir of Macchan and asks Kabir to get to work.

Kabir asks Macchan to wake up in the hospital. Shakuntala brings food for Kabir to the hospital to make sure that he stays out of the house. Kesar tries to recall what is the main missing link.

Episode ends.

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