Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 29th March 2024 Written Update: Ansh and Aarthi do the ring ceremony

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 29th March 2024 On

The episode starts with Hetal sending a voice message asking Suraj how is he and where is he right now. Hetal says according to their plan she sent Kesar to jail and he told her that he will return after some time so why hasn’t he returned till now. Hetal says she doesn’t know why the safety net was broken when he fell down but the good thing is that he is alive. Hetal says now everyone hates Kesar and asks Suraj to tell her about the next step of their plan.

Macchan hearing the voice message thinks Hetal confessed the whole thing herself. Macchan asks the hacker if they can send a voice message to Hetal in Suraj’s phone. The hacker asks Macchan to speak what he wants to send in the voice message. Macchan asks Hetal to come to the location that he is sending her in Suraj’s voice. Hetal hearing Suraj’s voice panics and she messages that she will come there right away.

Kesar praises Macchan and says Hetal’s face was completely pale. Kabir asks Kesar why doesn’t she show this recording to Rajgaur family. Kesar says to Kabir that Hetal is just a pawn and the real mastermind is Suraj. Kesar says she will bring Suraj in front of the Rajgaur family and make him confess his crimes in front of everyone. Kesar says to Kabir that right now they should focus on Aarthi.

Jinal invites Ansh and Aarthi into the house by giving Arti.

Hetal notices that the ancestral necklace in Aarthi’s neck is fake. Hetal stops Ansh when she is about to put the ring on Aarthi’s hand and asks Aarthi about the Rajgaur family’s ancestral necklace around her neck. Hetal says to all of the Rajgaur family members that this necklace is fake. Hetal accuses Aarthi and Shakuntala of stealing their ancestral necklace.

Shakuntala says it was the necklace that came to their home. Shakuntala argues with the Rajgaur family that if they accuse them then she will take Aarthi and file a police complaint against them and Ansh will be in jail and they will see the rest in court. Aarthi asks Shakuntala to stop it.

Aarthi says to Kabir that Shakuntala took the ancestral necklace from her and when she refused to give it to her she threatened with breaking off her marriage with Ansh. Shakuntala slaps Aarthi.

Kabir comments on Shakuntala and says to Shakuntala that she will not be part of this marriage and he throws Shakuntala out of the Rajgaur mansion. Aarthi and Ansh do their ring ceremony.

Episode ends.

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