Lockdown Ki Love Story 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Raghav’s deal surprises Milky

Lockdown Ki Love Story 3rd December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the inspector investigating Ankita. He asks to answer his questions by a yes or no. Sonam interrupts asking how one can answer with simply a yes or no. The inspector says not to teach us how to do investigatio . He asks her to stand quietly. He asks Ankita if she was present in the crime place. Deeraj took the gun. Ankita tries to say something but the inspector stops saying to reply with yes or no. Ankita says yes. The inspector asks the constable to write Deeraj took the gun and shot. Ankita says he was forced to shoot. The inspector continues the investigation without paying attention to her worda. Sonom asks the indpector to listen to the whole story. The inspector warns to be quiet.

In court the hearing continues, lawyer says Milky tried to burn herself. Milky’s lawyer shows some proof and accuses the Jaiswal trying to burn Milky for Dowry.

The inspector asks Ankita if Deraaj shot Shobakant. Ankita says no. The inspector asks then when the bullet was fired the gun was in Deeraj’s hand or not. Ankita says yes. The inspector asks Ankita to sign in the statement. She does. The inspector says their family is strange, half family is behind the bar and the remaining members give statements against them. Sonom consoles Ankita who is crying.

The judge cancels Nutan and Shashikant’s bail and puts them in jail for 15 days. Otherside Milky is in hospital looking at Dhruv’s photo in her mobile. Raghav walks in with a bouquet. He says her mother-in-law and father-in-law’s bail was canceled and they got jailed. He asks if she’s not happy hearing the news. She says because of Sonam everyone will get destroyed.

She says she can’t leave her sasurs like that. Raghav says to be firm in her decision and he’s ready to help her. Milky says why he will help her. Raghav says he wants to take revenge on Dhruv by snatching his love. He offers a deal Milky can keep Dhruv and he will take Sonam to which Milky agrees.

Sonam and the family members are waiting for Dhruv’s return. The latter walks in sadly. He sits down. He says his parents bail was canceled and cries.

Sneha cries hugging Ankita. Sonam asks Druv to be strong if he falls weak who will console his family members. Sonam says in this world the truth is God. She asks not to become weak in front of the lie. They should fight for the truth. When she was fighting for her truth, no one was there, but she’s and his whole family are with him.

Subhadra says she thought that she lost her daughter but he brought her back. We all have faith that you will win this battle. Sneha holds Dhruv’s hand saying soon he will find a way to get their parents out. Dhruv hugs Sneha.

Shobakant, Raghav, Sumitra and Sheetal come there. Dhruv asks them to leave. Raghav says his dad wants to meet you all so that they have come. Shobakant says Shashikant sent him to jail 25 years before. That time he didn’t know the pain his family had to go through. Today he gets peace seeing them all sad without their parents. He feels like his 25 years wound has healed. He asks Raghav to see all their sad face which he was longing to see. He asks Ankita how she’s feeling without her husband.

He suggests to go to her parents house as her husband will return only after six years of prison. He then thanks Sonom saying if she hadn’t entered this house, this all wouldn’t have happened. She destroyed this family. He asks to leave the house after burning it completely.

Sonom says she never saw a cheap, cunning person like him in her life. She doesn’t want to say anything further as she doesn’t want to throw the stone on the mud that he’s. Shobakant says she has also to come to this place one day. Dhruv angrily holds Shobakant’s collar.

The episode ends.

Precap : Shashikant says to Dhruv that they come out of jail or not Sonam should enter his life and asks him to pay the price. Deeraj advises Dhruv to buy Milky by giving some money as she doesn’t love him. Milky says to Sonom to ask Dhruv to make his decision. Just then Dhruv comes there. He says he has taken his decision.

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