Imlie 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Imlie is successful in doing the house work

Imlie 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rupali appeared at the terrace and she gets shocked to see the mobile phone of Aditya inside the jar of rice. She gets shocked and asked Imlie what she is trying to do and she smiles and says I am trying to fix the phone of Aditya and Rupali says I hope you get saved from his anger today at least. She smiles and says things will be done. Later, Malini is happy and her father says what happened when you meet with Aditya and she blushes. Malini sits besides her mother and she says I am booking a new car for you and your husband, Aditya.

Malini says Aditya will never accept any such gift from all of you people. She says whenever I asks you for anything, you says no and she goes away from there in anger. Aditya is looking for his phone when Imlie gifts him the phone and he says please stop touching my phone and my stuff. Rupali says why are you being rude? She is trying to help you out only and Aditya says so you have become an engineer too now. His mother comes and says what is this way of talking? If she is saying again and again that the phone will run then it will atleast try to check once.

Aditya finally switches on the phone and it functions properly. Rupali is super impressed and asks Imlie how did she do this trick? She is about to tell when Aditya cuts her off in between and left for office. Later they asks Imlie to make a dough for roti so that they can make breakfast for all. She sits with the plate water and wheat jar and finally makes a dough and roti too. The family members are shocked to see the size of the roti as no one in their house eats such thick bread but she says that if one eats this bread in daytime then his appetite will be done for a longer period.

Aditya is talking on phone whem Rupali gives her the roti and moves away. He eats the complete roti while talking to phone and says to his mother that it tastes best and yum and she should make such breads for herself from tomorrow onwards. All are extremely happy to see this and Imlie comes and says now you all have to agree that I did good and everyone appreciate her. Aditya gives presentation of the news article based on Satyakam and everyone appreciated him for his professionalism and dedication. All clapped for his excellence and the news editor announced lunch for all to celebrate the success they are going to get post this story publishing.

Later the family members are choosing saree for Imlie and asks her to pick one good, she runs away from there and thinks I was better with my mother. She thinks I really don’t know how my mother will be in the village all alone. Meethi is extremely upset for Imlie and Nani taunts that she must be an extra household staff for them and nothing else. Later on, Malini says that she will go for shopping jewelry and clothes with her would be in-laws. Imlie is upset and the family members of Aditya helped her to forget things and sits besides her to cheer her.

Precap – Malini is shocked to see an unknown lady in the house.

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