Marriage on Cards for RadhaKrishn?

As our portal previously reported the upcoming twists and turns in Star Bharat’s much-admired mythology drama ‘RadhaKrishn’, the show is running along the lines of possibility for Krishna’s marriage proposal to Radha. This turn of events is going to be quite entertaining for viewers as we will be able to witness the unlikely doubtful side in Lord Krishna’s character. Lord Krishna has always been sorted of his opinions and widely expressive of them in any sorts of situation. And not to forget all those hilarious antics he did in Gaushala ever since his birth? However, when it comes to the matters of the heart, he will be seen going through nervousness and doubts. It is for sure petty interesting turn around for a man who has always been involved in outrageous antics growing up, huh?

On the other side, despite his desire to reveal his strongest feelings of marrying Radha and openly proposing her, he must also consider his beloved mother’s dissatisfaction on this cause. Krishna, being a dedicated son has the responsibility not to hurt her with the choices he makes. Yashoda plays a significant role in the upcoming events concerning this epic love saga of Radha Krishn- celebrated by millions of Hindu people. As we all are aware that Radha and Krishna are worshipped for their eternal love towards one another despite not being married, the intrigue in the storyline up forth is to visually realize the circumstances leading to the tragedy.

Hence, while Krishna contemplates and finally decides to put forward his proposal to Radha, his brother Balram will come up with a shocking step. What is it that Balram is planning to do? What scenarios will unfold in the show after this? To know more of it, tune in to RadhaKrishn and keep following this portal.