Meet 20th September 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat covers up Neelam’s crime

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The episode starts with Raj looking disheartened. He recalls Meet Ahlawat’s words and feels sad for him. Meet notices him and says Raj is hiding his pain and Meet Ahlawat wants his love too. She hopes for some miracle which will unite them both soon. She will try her best to do that. Meet brings tea for Raj and the latter gets delighted seeing that. He says he was wishing for the same.

He adds they have to do something about Barfi. She is trying to prove Meet the thief and if the real thief doesnt get exposed then Meet will be in trouble. Meet says he should not worry about that. She asks if she wants something from him, would he give her that? He replies surely. Neelam goes to Meet Ahlawat and returns him the money saying she is not that kind of a person. She made a mistake and won’t repeat it again.

Meet Ahlawat takes the bag and says every action has its opposite reaction so she has to pay for her deed. He leaves the room and she gets nervous thinking he will expose her. Meet says she wants forgiveness from Raj. He gets surprised hearing that and she replies he should forgive Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat enters Raj’s room and lies to him that he stole the money to tarnish Meet’s image in the company. Meet asks him why is he lying? Raj gets angry and tells her not to defend him.

Raj says Meet Ahlawat is continuously hurting her after marrying Neelam and he is taking advantage of her goodness. Meet says the truth is different. She is about to take Neelam’s name but Meet Ahlawat again takes the blame on himself and Raj leaves in anger. Meet asks him why he saved Neelam? He got the opportunity to get Raj’s forgiveness but he lost it. He replies Neelam is his wife and he won’t hear a word against her from Meet. He leaves the room and Meet follows him.

Meet keeps on asking him why he lied to Raj and everyone hears that in the family while having food. Meet again tries to expose Neelam but Meet Ahlawat says he stole the money as he hates seeing Meet in the house everyday. He planned it to humiliate her nothing else. Raj considered her beta doesn’t mean she can control him.

Meet gets teary and Barfi smirks. Neelam also hears everything from balcony. Babita, Sunaina and Ragini question Meet Ahlawat why he stooped so low that he stole his own company money? Barfi says he is right in his place, only Meet is at fault. Meet Ahlawat says she snatched his father from him and now she should stop. Barfi thinks Meet Ahlawat saved Neelam’s honour and its a new beginning of their relationship.

Neelam hides exchange of looks with Meet in the kitchen. Meet confronts her and Neelam says she is happy today that her husband saved her respect in front of the family. Meet says its her misunderstanding that Meet Ahlawat will have feelings for a selfish girl like her. She doesn’t know about love either otherwise she would have accepted her crime in front of all family members. She allowed Meet Ahlawat to become the culprit.

Neelam gets restless and goes to her room. She says everytime she gets one reason to be happy Meet snatches that from her. What she can do to get her husband’s love. Why noone understands her? She messes up her room out of frustration. She takes a plastic and puts it on her head. She tries to choke herself with a tie and faints. Meet Ahlawat saves her and shouts at her for taking such a step. He says just to insult Meet will she kill herself? Has she gone mad? Neelam says yes she has gone mad and why he didn’t tell the truth to his family?

What was the need to hide it? Meet Ahlawat asks her why she stole the money? Neelam hugs him saying she fears losing him and she feels like Meet Hooda will snatch him from her. She asks Meet Ahlawat not leave her alone. Meet gets into thinking why Meet Ahlawat saved Neelam and there must be a reason for sure. He tells Neelam that she should stop thinking that he is going to leave her. Because he is bound to stay in this marriage and no matter how much he becomes weak or his love calls him he won’t change his mind.

Episode ends

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat going with the idol to complete the Visarjan and everyone gets drenched due to rain but there’s enough excitement can be seen. Meet goes towards Meet Ahlawat to tell him the truth of Neelam and Neelam chases her to stop her from making the revelation. Some police personnel make an announcement to be careful as there’s marsh due to rainfall and anyone can get stuck there, it’s dangerous. Neelam suddenly slips due to mud and she pushes Meet Ahlawat by mistake. He falls into the marsh holding the idol. Ahlawats start panicking and they try to save him.

Meet Ahlawat gets stuck there and Meet rushes to him. She tells him not to move much else he will not be able to get up. The police recognises Meet and she tells them to arrange rope for saving Meet Ahlawat. He ties the rope around a tree and she ties the other part around her waist. She gets into the marsh to help Meet Ahlawat get up. Everyone pulls the rope with all strength and finally Meet and her husband get saved. Meet Ahlawat stares at her. Neelam feels sad seeing them together. Babita thanks Meet saying she knew only Meet can risk her life to save her husband and she is grateful towards her.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat go to sacrifice the idol in the water and he thanks Meet for saving him. She says Ganpati bappa not just saved him but she also found the real thief within 48 hours. He asks it means she doesnt have the money? She replies he knows that too but it’s Neelam who stole it. He gets shocked to know that and asks why would she do that? She replies because Neelam hates her. She says she will explain everything later. After the Visarjan someone throws a garland in the air and it falls on Meet and her husband. They share an eye lock.

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