Meet 7th January 2023 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat and Meet make a new plan to save the hostages

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The episode starts with the doctor revealing to Meet and Meet Ahlawat that the commander is dead. Meet Ahlawat asks the doctor to calm down and reminds what he said about the kidney transplant. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat that doctor might have lied to the terrorist to save his life and other hostages. Meet asks the doctor till how long they can hide that the commander is dead. The doctor says they can hide for 3 hours after that the body will start decomposing and smell will come out of the body. Meet Ahlawat thinks of a plan and says they need to prepare an evacuation plan like in an emergency. Meet says she also learned how to evacuate people in an emergency in the police academy. The doctor asks Meet what material does she need for her plan. Meet says they need long clothes, ropes, and plastic sheets. The doctor says they can find material in the laundry room. The doctor asks Meet to go to floor no 5.

The chief terrorist and a woman terrorist come to the doctor. The doctor questions the terrorist why is he wasting time with Meet Ahlawat instead of saving commander’s life. The woman terrorist asks Meet Ahlawat what is he doing here as he said that he had a stomach ache. Meet Ahlawat says he came to the doctor to get medicine and says they found a big problem. The chief terrorist asks what is it? Meet Ahlawat says Meet’s body is decomposing and says it is useless to remove Meet’s kidney. The chief says he knows how to keep the body fresh and says they need to get ice to keep the body fresh. The chief asks Meet Ahlawat to take them to morgue.

Babita says to Raj that he is going to lose her if something happens to them. Raj tries to explain to Babita. But Babita doesn’t listen to Raj.

Meet Ahlawat acts as if his ankle is sprained. The chief scolds him that he is useless and asks the woman terrorist to get ice. The chief terrorist tells No 3 to be careful.

Meet Ahlawat tells Ragini and Chanda to go to laundry room and tell all the people to go to the laundry room and to put pillows in their places to fool the terrorists.

Meet Ahlawat shows the alcohol to No 3 and says this is for him. No 3 hesitates at first to take it but Meet Ahlawat insists No 3 to take the bottle. The hostages take this chance to escape to the laundry room.

No 3 and Meet Ahlawat sit to drink alcohol. The chief terrorist and the woman go to morgue and bring ice in a stretcher.

Meet Ahlawat comes to the laundry room and prepares for the evacuation with all the hostages. They try to create a slide with the clothes. Ragini says to Meet Ahlawat they will handle here and asks Meet Ahlawat to go to Meet.

The whole Ahlawat family prays for Meet Ahlawat, Meet and Ragini’s well being.

No 2 regains consciousness and gets out of the room. Meet Ahlawat sees No 2 and fights with him. Meet Ahlawat throws him at a side and leaves from there.

The chief terrorist asks No 3 where is Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat raises his hand saying he is here. The woman terrorist tells the Meet Ahlawat to bring the ice. Meet Ahlawat agrees.

The chief terrorist and Meet Ahlawat put Meet on the ice. Meet Ahlawat apologises to Meet in his heart. Meet Ahlawat asks the chief terrorist that they should go out. The chief terrorist says he will not come out until the operation is over.

Meet Ahlawat puts a blanket on Meet. The chief terrorist asks Meet Ahlawat what is he doing ? Meet Ahlawat says if the kidney freezes too much then it will be useless. Meet Ahlawat thinks he should take out these terrorists one way or another.

No 2 regains consciousness and goes to find the chief. Meet Ahlawat says to the terrorists if they are here then the doctor will be nervous and will not be able to do the operation. The doctor agrees with what Meet Ahlawat said and asks the terrorists to leave. The chief agrees and leaves from there. Meet Ahlawat comes and takes Meet from the ice and puts her on a bed.

Episode ends.

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat knocking out the terrorist. Meet Ahlawat and Meet hide the terrorist. Masum and Ishani knock on Sunaina’s door. Masum shows the video to Sunaina after she comes out. Masum says everything is wrong. Ishani says Meet is stuck in the hospital with the terrorists.

Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to get to her work. Meet reminds Meet Ahlawat that the terrorists might be suspicious if one of their members is not seen. Meet Ahlawat says he will think of something.

Sunaina asks Masum and Ishani if anyone in the house knows about this. Masum says they don’t know.

The chief terrorist tells the hostages to stop the Bajan. Meet notices that no sound of Bajan is coming and stops breaking the wall. The doctor says to the Chief terrorist that there is only one way to save the patient and i.e if they replace the patient’s failed kidney with another kidney. The chief terrorist says he will get a new kidney soon and asks the hostages who is going to give the kidney.

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