Meet: Barfi to throw down a challenge to Meet?

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Zee TV popular show Meet starrer Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey has come up with a high voltage drama. Raj broke ties with Meet Ahlawat for trying to divorce Meet from his life. Therefore he gave his son’s place to Meet and told her to fulfil all the duties. It will be exciting to watch how Meet and Meet Ahlawat will be back together again.

As reported earlier it’s shown, Neelam served parathas to Ahlawats but Raj didnt eat that. Sunaina informed that she found a cockroach on Meet’s breakfast, so Raj can’t eat that. Everyone insisted Raj to eat the paratha made by Neelam but he refused.

Meet Ahlawat pleaded Neelam to convince him. Neelam said that if Meet is handling the business then Neelam can fulfill the responsibilities of daughter in law atleast. She tried to cut her wrist, so that Raj gets ready to eat the paratha out of fear.

Then Meet arrived and Raj ate her tiffin which she packed. Meet apologised to Neelam for hurting her unintentionally. Neelam remained upset. There Meet attended the meeting and gave briefcases to the investors. She asked them to reconsider their decision

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness that Meet will ask the investors to sign the stamp papers which states that they won’t get to work with Ahlawat Industry in future. She will convince them to not lose trust upon her.

They will think of giving her a chance. Raj will take Barfi and Neelam to office to show them Meet’s work. Meet Ahlawat will assume she returned back the money to the investors but she will reveal she solved the problem and didn’t even touch the money.

He will call her liar and Raj will try to slap him for that. Meet will stop Raj and later Neelam will check the locker and will find it empty. Afterwards Barfi will accuse Meet of stealing the money of the investors as she has the keys.

Raj won’t demand any explanations from Meet as he trusts her fully. Meet will take vow to expose the culprit in 48 hours and Barfi will tell her to leave the position in the company if she fails to prove her innocence.

Later Meet will bring Ganpati idol in the mansion for puja and Meet Ahlawat will help her hold the idol when she will falter. Barfi will announce a competition that Meet and Neelam will have to make 101 laddoos within 30 minutes.

If Meet fails then she won’t attend the evening aarti. Meet will accept the challenge when Raj will object.

Who stole the money?

Who will win the competition?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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