Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 23rd July 2021 Written Update: Sulochana reveals the truth about Mandar and Pallavi’s relationship to Mandar

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 23rd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the doctor asks Pallavi to sit behind Raja with the car because the situation and the place they are going is new. Pallavi looks at Raghav who gets inside the car angrily. Pallavi nods at the doctor then asks Krishna to sit in the passenger seat. Raghav then looks at Raja and Pallavi through the mirror and gets angry. Vijay asks Mansi to fold the saree properly. Sulochana comes and tells that Vijay love Mango shake so she is going to make it for him then looks at Amruta and tells that she will make it a little more and if anyone wants they can have it.

The door bell rings so Amruta goes and opens the door and gets happy seeing Raghav and Pallavi so invites them. Raghav and Pallavi looks back Mandar comes there. Amruta gets shocked and tells Mandar dada. Everyone gets shocked. Vijay goes to the doorway and asks Pallavi where did she meet Mandar. Pallavi asks Vijay that they can go inside and she will explain everything. They all goes inside but Mandar stays outside. Pallavi sees Mandar so asks him to come inside saying this is his house only. Pallavi tells Vijay may be Mandar is his son.

Pallavi introduces Vijay as his father to Mandar then introduces Sulochana, Mansi and Amruta. Then she takes the family photo frame and then points Sharda and says that she is his mother who loved him so much also points at Nikhil and Milind and tells that it’s his younger brother and uncle. Mandar tells that he dont remember anyone all he remembers is Pallavi’s name and asks what kind of relationship they have. Pallavi becomes speechless and all the other gets shocked. Raghav tells Mandar that unless DNA report comes he has to maintain a distance not only from Pallavi but also from the entire family.

Vijay asks Pallavi Mandar doesn’t remember anything about his past. Pallavi tells yes and that’s one of the reason she bought Mandar to this house this will help him regain his memory. Vijay goes to Mandar and asks him dont he remember his father. Pallavi goes to Raghav who tells her that they are getting late so they have to leave. Pallavi agrees then she tells Mandar that the family will help him gain his memory back also she will come often to meet him, he is completely safe here.

Raghav and Pallavi about to leave but Sulochana stops Pallavi by saying that her first husband Mandar is here so why she is not being with him. Raghav and Pallavi gets shocked. Mandar asks her first husband then he looks at Pallavi and says may be that’s the reason why he remembers her name alone. Raghav asks Pallavi that they can leave but Mandar holds Pallavi’s hand. Raghav pushes Mandar and warns him and tells that Pallavi was his wife but now she belongs to him..

Mandar asks Raghav domt he hear what they said. Raghav tells that he is person who dont have his own person they will see what happens after the DNA report comes out. Mandar tries to hit Raghav but Pallavi stops both of them then says to Mandar that she will come to the house often and leaves the house with Raghav. Sulochana and Mansi enjoys.

Raghav comes to his room angrily. Pallavi also enters the room. They both looks at each other. Pallavi sits on her bed. Then she searches for something so Raghav asks her what is searching for. Pallavi then finds their marriage photo and tells they can put it in their room. Raghav agrees and tells he has more pictures they can frame and puts in their room roo. Pallavi tells they will do a wedding shoot then they will put all the pictures in their room which will lead everyone to know that they are husband and wife. Jaya comes there and takes both of them with her.

Jaya tells Raghav and Pallavi putting their picture wont give the validation about their relationship that she knows both of them are upset and worried after Mandar’s arrival but the beauty of the relationship is to test the imperfect couples to fight against all the odd to make their relationship perfect one. Jaya advices both Raghav and Pallavi to trust each other and not to leave the other person’s back no matter what and then fight against the world and its problem together. Then she leaves the room. Raghav and Pallavi looks at each other.

Pallavi puts her hand in Raghav’s and tells him that no matter what she will be with him. She then tells that he is the one who taught her holding hands means they have to be there for the person no matter what the situation is also he is the one who made her realise even she is worthy enough to loved by other’s.

Raghav stops Pallavi and tells that she is the reason be learnt how to love.
Before she comes in his life its nothing but lifeless. After she comes in his life without even he realises his heart accepted her as his and now he cant live without her. Then Raghav takes Pallavi’s hand and tells I Love You. Pallavi gets happy and tells I Love You Too Raghav. Then they both hugs each other happily.

Precap: Raghav jokes Pallavi is she sell dotis in her shop too along with her sarees. Pallavi scolds him. Then she helps him wear the dotis. Raghav then tells Pallavi I Love You he repeats again and again. Pallavi tells Raghav inside the room they both will say I Love You to each other but outside they have to use any code language like that movie. Raghav asks Pallavi which movie is she talking about. Pallavi tells in that movie Hero heroine does this to tell each other I Love You and puts her finger near her chin. Raghav tells Pallavi then they will use this sign and asks her to say now. Pallavi puts her finger near her chin, Raghav smiles and tells that she looks cute. Pallavi smiles at Raghav.

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