Pandya Store 24th February 2021 Written Update: Dhara suggests an idea to Gautam to increase the profit

Pandya Store 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gautam saying to Dhara they wouldn’t have got back, their shop, if she hadn’t used her brain. Suman says his son is very modest and gives the credit to Gautam’s hardwork. Dhara agrees with Suman. The latter breaks the coconut while the kids happily shouts. Gautam and the kids take Suman’s blessings. Suman hugs the portrait of Darshan. Gautam puts back the portrait on its place and lights diya. Suman happily hugs Gautam and the kids hug her.

Anita recalls how she broke the wedding with Gautam then Gautam marrying Dhara and cries. She tears her own photos. Prafula stops her. Anita blames Prafula for her situation. She says she rejected Gautam coming in her words, now Gautam got the shop back. She then says she didn’t support her in whatever wrong she did with Gautam’s family and prays to God not to punish her for Prafula’s sins. She leaves.

Suman says she saw his dad sitting in the cash counter, and for the first time she is seeing Gautma sitting in that place. Suman coughs. Dhara calls her Kaki and asks if she’s feeling tired. Suman says she’s not her kaki and she never get tired with life or with any life’s problems. Kaku offers Suman to drop at home and takes her from there. Gautam sends the kids to home and get ready for school.

The goons come to the shop and asks Gautam to get out of the shop. The constable comes there. Gautam says they have to get out of the shop since police got the original copy of the contract. He warns them and throws the goon out of the shop. They angrily leaves from there.

Shanta says to Suman that they got the shop back, and asks if she agrees now that Dhara is lucky for this house. Dhara has brought lunch for Gautam and washed all the vessels then why she’s asking her to wash all the vessels once again. Suman doesn’t answer her and asks to bring some more vessels. At the shop, one customer asks for ready made idli. Gautam says they don’t have.

Dhara assures the customers that she will get it here from tomorrow and they will do free delivery for all the orders above 500 Rs. She gives her the shop’s number and helps her to carry the bag. Gautam smiles looking at Dhara while sona sona itna bhi plays in the background.

Suman has called a man to write her name in the vessels in order to show to Dhara that she’s the owner of the house. At the shop Dhara brings tea for Gautam. Gautam says they should update their shop.

Dhara suggests to open one more wheelshop opposite to Pandya store and make the changes in that shop so they can get the 100% profit and can pay the loan amount soon. Gautam and Kaku liked her idea. Gautam gives kaka money, but he refuses to take. Dev comes running and says that Principal has called them.

The school Principal complains that Shiva had hurt 4 students and 2 teachers. Shiva says he doesn’t want to study here, all mock him saying his brother is servant. The teacher scolds Shiva. Dhara intervenes saying she should also consider other students’ mistakes. The Principal says there’s no place for students like Shiva in this school.

She badmouths Shiva and gives them Shiva’s transfer certificate. Gautam says they will find another school and adds she will understand Shiva’s worth, when he will become the topper of the school. They take him from there. Gautam says to Dhara that they should get Shiva’s admission in a good school. Shiva thinks he doesn’t want to study, but work with Gautam in the shop.

The episode ends.

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