Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali: Pallavi to vow to ruin Raghav

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In viewers favourite show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali now that Raghav ruins Pallavi’s image thinking she is the one who behind whatever happened to his mother and sister. Now it will be interesting to see how Pallavi is going to get through this.

In the current track it shown that Raghav asks Pallavi she want anything from him other than money. Vijay slaps Raghav and says that he believe his daughter Pallavi. Raghav asks Pallavi not even once she lied to his father, why is she fooling him and shows the real financial statement book of Deshmukh’s Saree Emporium saying their shop is in loss since the last two years. Then he asks Sharda where are the original papers of the shop then, he shows everyone the papers saying that Pallavi gave it to him.

He also says that Pallavi is planning to become the owner of the shop. Pallavi asks Vijay to not to believe Raghav and says that he is threatening her for the last one month. Krishna also supports Pallavi. Raghav shows some pictures to the Deshmukh’s and claims the girl in that picture is Pallavi. Pallavi slaps him saying that he crossed his limits. Raghav says that he never insulted a girl this much, he is doing this today because day by day Pallavi’s toxic level is increasing, then he leaves the place. Coming outside of the house Raghav says that whatever happened today is only because what Pallavi did to his family.

Pallavi asks Vijay to believe her. Sulochana says that even after all this how can she ask anyone to believe her. Sulochana questions Mansi and Sharda. Vijay asks Pallavi did she lied about the shop’s loss. Pallavi explains that when Mandar died Vijay got a heart attack so she took some loan but now everything is back to normal. Vijay asks her to answer his question only. Pallavi says yes the shop is in loss. Vijay pushes Pallavi and says that just to meet her family needs she ruined the family’s respect, then he takes back all the rights from Pallavi. Pallavi begs Vijay to believe that she never did anything whatever Raghav told everyone.

In the upcoming track it will be shown that Sharda will give her Mangalsutra to Vijay. Sharda and Nikhil will decide to leave the house. Vijay will warn Sharda and Nikhil. Pallavi will question Raghav. She will say to Raghav that she is going to become his bad luck from now onwards.

Will Pallavi marry Raghav for what he did to her?

Will Vijay realise his mistake?

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