Mouna Raagam 15th April 2021 Written Update: Sakthi admits Mallika in hospital

Mouna Raagam 15th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthick gets shock to listen Sruthi’s decision. Sruthi says to them that Tharun is hers. She will never give up him for anyone! Kadhambari stares her emotionally. Sruthi leaves from there. Sakthi reaches to home and finds the door is open. She doubts why is she open the door? Is she slept. She finds Mallika is in unconscious state inside the house. Sakthi fears the worst. She rushes to Mallika and tries to wake her up. She splashes water on her face. Mallika is not opening her eyes.

Tharun reaches there and enquires to Sakthi what happened? She informs to him that Mallika was unconscious when did she reached here. Tharun offers help to her but Sakthi deny it. She lashes out at him for trying to help her again. Sakthi says to him that she will take care of her mother and runs outside to bring auto there. Sheela too comes there. Sakthi is trying to get the auto but no one stopping for her. Sheela says to him that Mallika was good in evening too. Tharun says to her that Mallika is sick.

Sakthi says to him that she didn’t get auto at all. Tharun says to her let’s take her to hospital in car. She deny it, reasoning she will call Ambulance. Sheela advises to Sakthi and takes her to hospital. Rukmani is trying to make Sruthi eat the food. She is not eating anything. Karthick comes there. He is watching everything in silent. Sruthi complaints that Sathya crossed her line. Because of her Tharun refuses to accept her love. She questions her why is everything going against her? Rukmani says that Kadhambari also in her state one time. It’s curse on her family.

Rukmani complaints that Karthick brought her here instead of giving money to her. Kadhambari asks Sruthi to leave this matter. She will take care of it. Whatever happen Tharun is hers. She will make it happen. Sruthi leaves from there. Karthick scolds Kadhambari for manipulating Sruthi like this. He asks her to advise for her best instead of giving hope to her. He complaints that she can’t able to lead a loveless marriage. Tharun is not a toy to gift her. Kadhambari questions him doesn’t he sad to hear that Tharun didn’t propose Sruthi.

Karthick says to Kadhambari that she is leading Sruthi in wrong path. Rukmani complaints that he is not talking like her father. Kadhambari compares Sathya with Mallika. Karthick loved Mallika leaving Kadhambari. Same way Tharun loving Sathya leaving Sruthi. He brought her here because she is resembling Sakthi. Karthick says to Kadhambari clearly that she is comparing everything in wrong way. Karthick says to her that they can’t get love forcely. Kadhambari agrees with it and adds that she don’t like to give up in anything. Kadhambari asks Karthick to fire Sathya from job and leaves. Doctor is treating Mallika in hospital. Sakthi is crying seeing her state.

Sakthi enquires to doctor what happen to her mom? She feels guilty for leaving Mallika alone in home. Doctor says to her don’t disturb the patient. Tharun feels bad to see Sakthi’s state. He is consoling Sakthi. Sakthi thank Tharun and asks him to leave from there. Tharun says to her that he will leave after confirming her health state. Sakthi informs to him that she is uncomfortable near him thinking about the incident. He assures to her that he will stays far from her. Sheela notices Manohar sitting sadly. She questions him what’s bothering him? Manohar informs to her that Sruthi and Varun marriage won’t happen. Sheela says to him that they can convince Varun. He says to her that Karthick came to know about Varun’s disease. He narrates all incidents to Sheela whatever happened in music school. He says to her that he accepted his truth to Karthick. Sheela gets shock to hear it.

Episode end.