Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 25th January 2023 Written Update: Vidhi gives a fitting reply to Amba

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 25th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev attending a press meeting. Amba shares with the media that she was hiding the truth, but not anymore. Dev makes the situation difficult for her. He gave her pain. Urmila notices the interview and questions Hariprasad. What’s the need to fix Vidhi’s marriage to him? She doesn’t know what Amba’s next move will be. She is determined to take revenge on them. Meanwhile, Amba gives a statement against Dev. She doesn’t want to see another girl facing the same situation as her. He is using emotional violence. Dev is shocked to hear it. Amba says that Dev betrayed her. He fixed his marriage with Vidhi. Who is younger than him? He broke up his 15-year relationship with her. Urmila notices that Vidhi is missing there.

Amba says that she feels ashamed to bring her personal life in front of the media. But she needs justice. He gave hope to her for many years and betrayed her now. Viewers talk favour to Amba. They think that Dev is a betrayer. The media asks Amba to explain her situation to them. Amba shares with them that Dev considered her dad as his mentor. He helped with his business. They fell in love. Dev says that it’s a lie. Amba continues that she filled her hairline with vermilion in her name. She waited for him. He gave hope to her to wait for him. But he forgot her when he met a 20-year-old girl.

How could he break her heart for her? He tried to frame her. He gave an interview and told everyone that she loved him on one side. He doesn’t have a relationship with her. Those clips played there. Amba says that he indirectly said that she was mad in love with him. If he considered her mad, then why did he agree to marry her? Why did he give his sister’s hand to Vickram? He added her as his business partner. He breaks her Karuvachauth fast. He gave hints to her often that he had feelings for her. He needs an answer to these questions.

Dev tells her that she has already said enough. He would answer her questions. Vidhi stops him and announces to everyone that she will see her. Urmila complained that Vidhi went there to create another problem. Dev asks her why she is here? Vidhi tells him that she will manage this situation.

Amba asks her who she is to give her answer? She introduces Vidhi as a new girlfriend of Dev. She adds that she snatched Dev from her. Dev gives space to Vidhi and stands opposite them. The media are raising their questions. Amba accuses Dev and Vidhi. She shares with them that Dev not only betrayed her but also her father. He promised to marry her. But he breaks that promise to live with this Vidhi.

Vidhi says to her that she never expected that Amba would use her father for this. She shouldn’t have stopped like that. Amba says that he was engaged with her in front of everyone. Satyavati broke it. She plays the clips there. Vidhi shares with her that Dev promised her father he would take care of her. He helped her to stand on her own legs. She fell in love with Dev, seeing his care for her family. He is a protective one. His sister asked Dev to marry her so he agreed to do it. When Satyavati came to know that he had feelings for Vidhi, she broke that engagement. She said that he broke her Karuvachauth fast. She went missing on that day. Everyone was searching for her.

He found her in an unconscious state, so he fed water to her. She questions Amba if he ever said to her he has feelings for her. He considers her as his friend. He cleared it in his last interview. Amba insults Vidhi as a middle-class girl and says she was behind his money. She snatched him and her life. Vidhi shares with them that Dev didn’t marry for his family’s happiness. But he is going to marry her with their family blessings. She doesn’t want to snatch her life from her.

Episode end

Precap; New person will give a entry in Raichand house.

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