Naagin 5 11th October 2020 Written Update: Jay traps Veer in a cage

Naagin 5 11th October 2020 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Bani comes out of the washroom and seeing the sleeping Veer, she recalls how Veer filled her forehead with vermillion and how he was sure that she will love him one day. She thinks to execute new plan and comes outside of the room.

Balwant tells Shukla that soon Veer going to remember his past. Bani hears that and thinks to leave from there without anyone’s knowledge. She turns into a snake and while going out Daksh feels like he saw a snake and informs that to his family but Balwant says it’s not possible.

Jay shouts at Shukla for not doing his work and says his plan changed now. Shukla says they have treasure but it’s not easy to reach that place. Mayuri says she is already excited hearing him. Jay asks him how they can reach there. Shukla tells him to hide Veer for now. Mayuri mockingly asks how Jay will do that because Bani will be there with Veer.

Jay says he knows to handle Bani and leaves from there. Jay reaches Veer’s room and makes noise like Bani. Veer comes out in eagle form thinking Bani is in danger and falls in Jay’s trap. Jay says in two says Veer going to die anyway and leaves from there with the cage.

Bani reaches some unknown place and wonders where she reached. Jay mocks Veer who is trapped in the cage in eagle form. Jay mocks Mayuri and Shukla saying Veer trapped in the cage still they doesn’t have guts to meet him. Mayuri says she was about to meet him but Shukla stopped her saying they should not underestimate Veer.

Bani searches key to open one door, because using her strength she was not able to break that door. She feels confused staying in that strange place. Shukla, Mayuri and Jay reaches Sakura’s place. Sakura welcomes them and asks why they came to meet him.

Jay says he will release him but he has to change his face and has to do what all he is telling him to do. Sakura says he can change his face just one time and he won’t waste that for him. Jay says he has the key to release Sakura and shows that to him. Sakura agrees to deal with Jay and takes the picture of Veer from him.Bani touches some stone at the same time Sakura changes his face.

Balwant calls Veer seeing the time machine started to work again. Shukla shocks seeing Sakura’s new face which turn into Aakesh. Mayuri tells them to search Veer’s picture. Sakura says he can’t change again now. Jay wonders who changed the picture and they has to proceed the plan with this face only now.

Bani reaches the temple and asks about Pandit to his wife saying she wants to know about the stone. She tells Bani that Pandit is not alive now. Bani feels sad hearing that news and she gets to know that stone is something special and she herself has to know about that stone’s speciality.

Everyone searches Veer in the house. Shukla comes from outside, Balwant scolds him for being irresponsible. Sakura reaches Veer’s house and tells Balwant that he is Veer. Balwant shocks realizing Veer’s face changed into Aakesh.

Bani shocks seeing Veer in Aakesh’s face. Veer says he remembered everything so he is using his old face. Balwant says now Veer easily can find that Aadi Naagin. Veer says he will handle that and Balwant need not to worry about that now. Balwant says he was thinking what will happen to him when he remembers the past but now everything is fine, then tells Veer to get rid of Bani first since he remembered everything now.

Veer says he loves challenges so let him handle her. Bani asks what’s happening and who is he. Veer says he can understand that she is shocked seeing him in new face but his feelings are still same for her. Veer’s cousin teases Bani and Veer tells his family to not interfere in between husband and wife and dances with her.

When he picks her in front of the family members she feels embarrassed and tells him to leave her but he drops her on the sofa. She says the Veer who used to claim that he won’t hurt her doing this with her now and leaves from there. Balwant asks Veer that who is that Aadi Naagin.

Bani reaches her room and recalls the moments she shared with Aakesh and Veer. Veer comes there and asks what happened to her. He says he is looking hot in this face and asks her opinion about his new face. She tries to leave from there but he shows his wings to her.

He says she saw his truth now asks her to tell about her truth and refers her as Aadi Naagin. She stares him angrily and he acts like he is afraid of her and says he knows that she married him to kill him. He says she can’t attack him unless he attacks her first so he is going to take his revenge without touching her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jay inquiries Shukla about their plan. Veer says he is going to kill Bani without touching her. Shukla gives a weapon to Jay saying only this can kill Aadi Naagin.

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