Naagin 5 9th August 2020 Written Update: The new Aadhi Naagin accepts to relive her curse again to save Dev’s life

Naagin 5 10th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Brinda looking around and wondering which place she is in. She notices that sun is about to drown. She hears Dev’s voice coming from the other room. He is injured and wonders where Brinda is. He recalls a storm taking him and Brinda to this place. Brinda tries to reach Dev but the door to the other room gets closed. She opens it shouting “Om Namah Shivaya”. Brinda holds Dev who is struggling to stand up and takes him inside the temple praying to Shiv Ji.

Brinda places Dev on stairs and says that she won’t let anything happen to him while she is alive. Dev asks what place it is since it doesn’t seem like Laal Tekdi Mandir. Brinda says it is not and starts looking around. She sees a blue light. She rushes back to Dev and asks him not to worry as she won’t let anything happen to him. She holds him and makes him stand up to take him away but just then a dagger hits Dev’s sherwani and he is pinned against a pillar. Brinda shouts.

Brinda sees Shalakha and Vishakha coming. Shalakha says that time has come. Vishakha duplicates herself and one Vishakha goes to Dev pointing dagger near his neck while the other one turns into Naagin and hits Brinda. Shalakha tries to use Mundika’s powers but it doesn’t work on Brinda. The latter says that she should understand by now that her magic won’t work on her and if she was so smart she should have been on her side not Vishakha’s. She calls her Nayantara shocking Dev. Shalakha says that she is Nayantara and that’s why she has more right on him as he should have been hers not Brinda’s.

Vishakha uses her powers to cage Brinda in a bubble. She apologizes to Dev for what she has done to his family. She tells Brinda and Dev that they read on book that knows everything that this temple appears once in thousands of years so they brought them there and they won’t have any way to escape from there. Moreover, tonight the moon will be eclipsed and turn red while the sun will be black, which is a wonder itself, and whoever touches the naagmani this night won’t be able to live so Dev has to die. He has no way to get spared, the only thing that can save him is the secret of the temple. Dev understands that Vishakha and Shalakha did everything and Brinda is innocent. Shalakha doesn’t want to die but Vishakha asks her to choose between Naagmani and Dev. Shalakha chooses nagmani because Dev has never loved her but only Brinda.

Shalakha and Vishakha points dagget at Dev to take naagmani out of his body. Brinda prays to get help from Naagin of Shesh Naag and Naag Rani. She shouts for help from Naag log so that she can save her love. Shalakha and Vishakha are about to attack Dev but just then a pillar drops and a black Naagin appears. Shalakha asks who it is. Vishakha says that she is Shesha. She tells Brinda that she called her enemy and opends her arms welcoming Shesha and saying that she felt nice seeing her. Shesha walks towards Vishakha and stabs her saying that she went to Naag Log as a bad Naagin but there she realized her mistakes and repented and today she is there to defeat the bad and help the goodness. With that she breaks the bubble caging Brinda.

Brinda rushes to Dev and asks him to open his eyes. Shalakha grabs her and pushes her away from Dev. Brinda transforms half into Naagin and surrounds Dev with her tail to protect her. Shalakha gets afraid and hides behind pillars. Brinda tries to attack her.
Vishakha duplicates and asks Shesha how she will save herself now. Shesha uses her tail to cage both the Vishakhas but they are able to escape biting Shesha. Vishakha uses Mundika’s powers to attack Brinda too. Shalakha asks Vishakha to get nagmani. Shalakha and Vishakha go to Dev and try to take naagmani from Dev’s head.

Vishakha tells Shesha and Brinda that only Naag Rani can help them now but she will never come leaving Naag Log. Shesha asks Naag Rani to come and break Vishakha’s ego. Just then another pillar drops and also Naag Rani aka Bela comes. Shesha and Brinda bends down in front of her. Bela glares at Vishakha who takes Shalakha and makes her bend down in front of Bela with her. Bela says that Naag Rani is above Shesh Naagin and then there is only another one but before she can reveal anything else, Vishakha says that she has to bend down in front of her but has not accepted her defeat. She calls her Bela but the latter orders her to call Naag Rani. She assures Bela that Shesha had come to help her and now she is there too. She asks Brinda to go to Dev and Brinda rushes to her love. Bela cures Shesha’s wound saying that she saw everything and whole Naag Log is proud of her.
Brinda cries seeing Dev unconscious. Bela goes to him and asks Brinda not to worry and starts using her powers to cure Dev. One Vishakha is about to attack Bela from behind and Shesha tries to stop her but the other Vishakha grabs her and keeps her caged in her tail. Brinda sees Vishakha who has turned into snake and is about to attack Bela from behind and hits her with dagger. That Vishakha dies. Shesha stabs Shalakha who dies too. One Vishakha is left. Brinda is about to attack her but Bela stops her saying that she will handle her. Bela kills Vishakha.

Just then the eclipse happens and moon turns red. Brinda rushes to Dev who apologizes for making the mistake of not trusting her and that is why all this is happening with him. Brinda cries and says that nothing will happen to him. Dev is breathless and asks Brinda to remind that he has loved her a lot also after knowing that she is a Naagin and he will keep loving her. Brinda cries and says that she loves him a lot too. “Tere sang pyaar mein nehi todna” plays while flashes of Brinda and Dev’s moments are shown. Dev closes his eyes. Brinda cries.
Bela asks Brinda not to worry as the secret of Laal Tekdi Mandir can still help her. Brinda asks what the secret is. Bela says that they are waiting to know that too and only one knows that secret. She makes Brinda notice that she and Shesha came from pillar and only one pillar is left from which the other Naagin shall come but only Mahadev can call her. She says that there is Naag Rani above Shesh Naagin and there is the powerful Aadhi Naagin above Naag Rani.

Brinda, Bela and Shesha start doing tandav to call the Aadhi Naagin. Earthquake happens. Brinda falls down. Bela says that she is coming. A light is seen. Brinda, Bela and Shesha join their hands as Mahadev is shown doing tandav. The last painting is revealed and Bela says that Aadhi Naagin is coming. Mahadev says that he is pleased with them. He says that he won’t tell the secret of the Laal Tekdi Mandir but the Aadhi Naagin will come, the one who was cursed in this temple ten thousand years ago. He warns Aadhi Naagin that if she decides to save Brinda’s love and tells her story, then she will have to go through the same pain she suffered again as her story will be repeated. Aadhi Naagin’s voice is heard as she accepts to come if Brinda’s love will get life. Mahadev leaves.

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Aadhi Naagin (played by Hina Khan) comes. Brinda, Bela and Shesha join their hands in front of her. Aadhi Naagin says that she was cursed but she decided to come to life again which means that she will have to repeat her story and get cursed again but she doesn’t regret because they (Brinda, Sesha and Bela) are of her Naag Vansh and she wants to save Brinda’s love. She asks Brinda what his name is. Brinda tells her that it’s Dev. Aadhi Naagin says that she will have to tell her story to save Dev but first they have to bring nagmani out of Dev’s body. Brinda asks how. Aadi Naagin replies that they will do it through tandav.

Brinda, Bela, Shesha and Aadhi Naagin start doing tandav and after a while nagmani comes out of Dev’s head. Brinda asks why he isn’t opening his eyes. Aadhi naagin says that she has to tell her story to her after which the temple will get back his powers and this temple has blessing to bring one in life again.

Just then, hisses are heard. Aadhi Naagin tells Bela and Shesha that they are being called back to Naag Log and they shall go. Bela and Shesha leave after assuring Brinda that everything will go well. Aadhi Naagin says that now she will tell Brinda who was the one because of whom she got the curse.

Episode ends

Precap: Aadhi Naagin allows Cheel to enter in the temple, unaware that they are planning to destroy it and get naagmani.