Namak Issk Ka 12th February 2021 Written Update: Kahani finds out Yug is her childhood friend.

Namak Issk Ka 8th February 2021 Written Update on

Yug tells Rupa to rest in her room why is she outside? She asks you should also have been in your room what are you doing here? Rupa tells you will never be able to accept Kahani as your wife. Yug tells I won’t be able to accept her as my wife but I will never break my marriage with Kahani. Rupa tells your brother doesn’t consider me his wife so there is no use in saving that relation. My mother couldn’t forget father even today,she has kept his letter till date. I couldn’t do anything for my mother but I will do for you. I will give every sacrifice to save your relationship.

Kahani tries to free herself as she wants to meet Lucky and Rani. Yug watches her struggling to free herself. He thinks he can’t hate her even if he wants to,he can’t understand why her tears brings water to my eyes. Kahani thinks sometimes he saves my life and sometimes he tries to kill me,he is not a human he is a mystery. I don’t even know which one is the truth.

Yug’s grandmother brings almond and cashew for Yug’s mother. She tells no matter if they took seven feras or seven hundred feras I will never accept this marriage. Yug’s mother tells Yug married her infront of everyone what else can we do. His grandmother tells now I understood why my son left you.

Yug tries to feed Kahani with spoon. She tells first you gave me pain and now you are giving me medicine,I don’t want your medicines. Yug tells your condition is because of my brother. Yug feeds Kahani forcefully and asks her to eat or else he will hurt her more. He gives medicine to her.

Gunjan is crying thinking about Yug and Kahani’s marriage. Rupa is sad thinkin about Raunak. Yug sleeps thinking about Kahani on the couch. Kahani manages to free and untie herself. As she is about to escape the room,Yug holds her. She pushes Yug and hits him with a flower vase,Yug falls down bleeding and his locks falls down too.

Kahani comes down but cannot leave thinking about wounded Yug. She does his dressing and as she is about leave Yug tells he won’t let her go anywhere and faints again. Kahani steps on Yug’s lock and picks it up.

Flashback shows Yug offering to be her friend in childhood and giving the key to her saying he has locked all her fears in it. She tries opening the lock with her key and it unlocks,Kahani tells Yug this is the only memory of my childhood. You are my friend that I have been searching my entire life. Flashback shows all the moments between Yug and Kahani one by one. She tells she is sorry for the wound but then she remembers Yug trying to call her. She can’t believe that her friend is now her enemy.

Kahani tells God that I was looking for my friend and I never even thought that he would be Yug. I always had my friend’s memory,he was my hope but today you took away my hope also. Whenever I used to look at this key I used to remember my friend but now I will remember the person who married me forcefully and tried to kill me. You gave me the talent to dance,but still everyone keeps insulting me. Today I want to ask my parents why did they even give birth to me? She asks God what should I do now and where should I go? She remembers Yug telling her that her father is friend of Yug’s father. She decides to stay here till she finds out about her father.

Iravati tells Gunjan that the fight has just begun now and we cannot fight empty stomach. Gunjan throws the plate and starts throwing everything around. Iravati tells this is my blood and my blood boils, it doesn’t flow. Iravati tells I will take Kahani’s life to get you married to Yug. Gunjan tells just like you tried to kill father?

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