Namak Issk Ka 15th February 2021 Written Update : Iravati blames Ravikant for whatever happened in past.

Namak Issk Ka 15th February 2021 Written Update on

Gunjan tells Iravati just like you tried to kill father? She tells don’t be shocked,I know about your crime and I was trying to make you confess. Iravati tells you should have asked me directly otherwise I could have harmed you indirectly. Gunjan tells I just wanted you to be punished for your mistakes. Iravati drags Gunjan to Ravikant and tells yes I tried to kill your father. Take this phone and inform the police.

Iravati tells let me tell the complete truth,what is happening with you today happened me years back. She tells Gunjan Raunak cheated on Rupa,Yug cheated on you and your father was about to leave me,you and Rupa for other women. If it was just about me maybe I would have tolerated it but a mother can’t stay silent so I did this in anger. Iravati tells I have proof too,no matter if the males make mistake but it is the ladies who are insulted. She presents a picture of Ravikant and his first wife with their daughter. Iravati tells if you want to believe this is the complete truth and if you want I can go to jail too.

Yug gains consciousness and starts looking for Kahani. Dolly brings chunri and tell it was to be given in temple after Yug’s marriage. Yug’s mother takes it but it slips from her hand on Yug who is carrying Kahani in his arms. She tells God that you gave your blessings and removed all my doubts. Yug places Kahani on the bed and sprinkles some water on her face,he asks her if she okay.

Kahani watches the lock and decides she won’t tell Yug about her childhood. Yug asks her she could have ran away why did she come back? Kahani tells I don’t believe in this marriage and so it shouldn’t matter to you wherever I go.

Iravati tells Gunjan you couldn’t get what you wanted from Yug but I will give you what you want from me let us go to police station. Gunjan tells father did wrong with you,I won’t do the same. I always blamed you till today but the real culprit was my father. He was about to leave his wife and daughter for an outsider. Gunjan tells she is sorry for doubting Iravati. Iravati hugs her.

Kahani tells Ravikant,I want to ask you something,you were friend of Yug’s father,my father was also his friend. I don’t remember his name or face I just remember a mela where I met Yug for the first time with my father. Ravikant puts his hand on Kahani’s head,he realizes she is his daughter. Kahani tells you are worried about Gunjan and I am sad for my father. She asks him not to feel lonely as she will always be there for him.

Iravati asks Yug’s mother what is she doing? She asks her are you going to do munh dikhayi of that dancer who destroyed my daughter’s life. Yug tells Kahani is my wife and there is no need of any other rituals. Iravati tells rituals are for family members not for dancers,throw her out of the house. Yug’s grandmother tells Iravati is right. Both of them continue to insult Kahani.

Gunjan tells Kahani’s munh dikhayi won’t take place in this house. Ravikant thinks Gunjan you don’t know the truth,you don’t know that it was your mother’s mistake and you don’t know that Kahani is your own sister.

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