Namak Issk Ka 26th January 2021 Written Update: Rupa plans for Kahani and Raunak’s marriage.

Namak Issk Ka 26th January 2021 Written Update on

Rupa tells Rony that him and Kahani will marry. Yug comes there and watches Kahani clicking a picture of Rupa and Rony. Rupa asks Yug how is she looking? Yug tells very good. Rupa asks Kahani to come with her for marriage preparations. Kahani accidentally touches Yug’s hand while leaving,Oo Sajanva plays in BM.

Yug asks Rony if he remembers the deal? Rony tells he know he has to stay away from Kahani or you will send Kahani back to jail. Yug tells him not to forget. Rony tells him to be happy,he is also getting married.

Rupa tells Kahani tomorrow you will finish all rituals of the marriage,but there is one condition you have to hide all this from Yug or else he won’t marry Gunjan. Kahani is about to tell Rupa that she doesn’t want this marriage but Rony comes there and tells she wants to marry as she is in love,she is just shy to say. Rony tells maybe she is afraid from you. He tells Lucky and Rani are very innocent they consider me there brother-in-law in advance. Kahani tells he is telling the truth,I couldn’t believe you are getting your husband married to me. Rony tells both Lucky and Rani are with me,you just have to keep quiet for 24hrs after that life is successful.

Servants have fun decorating the house. Patanga flirts with Dolly. Raunak’s mother hugs him and tells him she never imagined to see Rony and Rupa as bride and groom again.

Kahani cries thinking about Lucky and Rani. Yug thinks he will send Kahani back to Ara tomorrow and everything will be alright. Rupa thinks from tomorrow Kahani and Raunak will be married and my relation with him will be over forever.

The house is decorated beautifully. Yug’s mother tells Iravati like double chin now we are becoming double samdhan. Harsh tells Iravati he also wants to marry. Rupa helps Kahani dress and tells for the first time I am seeing moong and daag for the first time together. Raunak is really lucky that you love him. Rupa asks her not to cry. Rupa gives yellow saree to Kahani for haldi ceremony. She tells if you wear saree like me no one will find out if it is me or you. Panditji has told both me and Gunjan will wear gunghat today so you can take my place easily.

Yug comes there. Rupa hides behind the closet. Yug stares at Kahani. Oo Sajanva plays in BM. Kahani asks Yug why is he here? Yug tells I came here to tell you that I don’t want you to come infront of Raunak. You are dancer so come when it is time to dance. Tears flows down Kahani’s eyes,Yug imagines wiping her tears and leaves from there. He locks Kahani inside the room,Rupa also gets locked inside.

Raunak is very happy as he is getting married to Kahani today. He keeps his phone aside and doesn’t pick up Raunak’s call. Gunjan opens the door and asks Rupa what is she doing here? She asks Rupa to help her get ready soon. Gunjan tells Kahani today is a very important day for me ,I have waited long for this day so please dont create any scene today.

Rupa dresses Gunjan up and they praise each other. Gunjan tells she is very happy today as finally Yug is going to be hers. Kahani thinks about Lucky and Rani and asks forgiveness from Rupa.

Yug’s mother jokes that maybe Sky will launch a FIR against me today as I stole their sun and moon. She asks Rupa where is Kahani? Rupa tells she is taking rest, she will come in her dance program. Both brides wear Gunghat and Kahani takes Rupa’s place. Raunak gets excited thinking about finally marrying Kahani.

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