Namak Issk Ka 27th January 2021 Written Update: Yug gets suspicious at Haldi ceremony.

Namak Issk Ka 27th January 2021 Written Update on

Yug’s mother Brings both the brides near their grooms. Raunak holds Kahani’s hand and Gunjan says didi and jiju love each other so much even after so many years of marriage. Patanga tells Dolly everyone is holding hands we should also hold hands. Dolly tells to leave or she will slap him. Kahani frees her hand from Raunak,he tells once the marriage is over I will hold your hands. Haldi ceremony begins and everyone applies haldi to Raunak and Kahani. Rupa watches from upstairs. Kahani sees her in reflection. Yug feels he saw Rupa somewhere,he thinks maybe Kahani came outside the room he gets up to check on her. His mother asks him not to leave his haldi like this. Yug tells he forgot to take blessings from Lord Shiva.

Rupa rushes inside the room,Yug finds the room is open,Rupa hides below a quilt. Kahani thinks she has to ho to Rupa soon,Iravati asks her to sit down. Yug asks Rupa disguised as Kahani why did she come outside when he told her not to? Yug is about to remove her quilt but his mother asks him what is he doing here now? She asks him to come down with her.

Yug’s haldi ceremony begins and his mother crack another one of her PJ’s. Raunak is glad his haldi with Kahani is over. Yug notices Kahani’s payal and thinks why is Rupa wearing it? He follows Kahani,she hides behind a pillar. Harsh stops Yug to apply haldi to him.

Yug cannot find Rupa when he comes back. Kahani jumps inside the pool to hide her haldi. Yug rushed towards the pool and saves her from drowning. He picks up Kahani and brings her out of the pool.

Rauanak holds Rupa’s leg and thanks her for handing his true love to him. Raunak asks her not to cry and tells her everything happens for good in life. Rupa tells she will leave from here after the marriage. Rupa asks where is Kahani ? Raunak tells she left after haldi.

Kahani is unconscious,Yug tries his best to wake her up. He gives CPR to her but she still doesn’t gain consciousness. Yug is about to blow air into her mouth but she wakes up. Yug tells why did she jump in pool when she didn’t know how to swim? He accidentally says if something happened to her he would have died.
He asks her what was she doing here? Kahani lies that she accidentally slipped into the pool.

Rupa comes there and tells I liked Kahani’s payal so I made a similar one for myself. She asks Kahani to change her dress or else she will catch cold. Rupa and convince Yug that Kahani didn’t come in the haldi ceremony.

Gunjan tells she is very happy. Iravati tells she will give her all the happiness in this world. Everyone asks about whereabouts of Rupa. Yug’s mother get excited that her mother-in-law and Juhi is coming. Iravati doesn’t like it and gets tensed. Rauanak hands divorce paper to Rupa.
Patanga comes to keep gifts in Rupa’s room.

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