Namak Issk Ka: What Statement Will Gunjan Give To Police?

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Colors show Namak Issk Ka is going to take a twist now. With Yug and Kahani accepting their love in front of everyone they were set to start a new life but what has Iravati planned for them? How will Yug and Kahani overcome the difficulties in their way?

Gunjan told police that she getting shot was an accident. Gunjan told she and Yug love each other a lot and Yug cannot think of shooting her even in his dreams. Iravati told Kahani if she tries anything smart Gunjan will tell she gave the first statement under pressure of Yug and she tells Kahani not to forget she still has gun with Yug’s fingerprint.

Rupa told Iravati all this is not good. Iravati told Rupa to show the paper of abortion to Yug because Yug trusts her the most. Rupa told Kahani saved my life she cannot do this to her. Iravati told Rupa to decide if she wants to choose her younger sister or Kahani and tells her to show the papers to Yug. Rupa showed Yug the register. Nurse told Yug that Kahani came here and got aborted in front of me.

Yug showed the register to Kahani and asked her what is this? Yug asked her did she really get aborted? Kahani told himyes. Yug asked who was the father of child? Kahani told it was Raunak’s.

Saroj slaps Raunak. Iravati told Raunak to accept his mistake. Raunak understands all this is Iravati’s plan and tells Kahani what was the need to tell all this today? Yug tears the register and tells truth comes out on it’s own someday and leaves from there. Iravati tells Gunjan Yug will come back to you now.

Will Yug come back to Gunjan now?

What is in store for Kahani?

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