Naman to attack Nishanth in Star Plus supernatural show Nazar

Star Plus popular supernatural show Nazar which is produced by Gul Khan is Airtel about average who is on hunting spree. As we had seen in the last couple of episodes in the show that Piya Ansh and the entire family finally comes out of the time machine which took them in the past times of their life is all set to encounter another problem in their family and life very soon. Though Ansh was able to save his family members but he is not able to make Adi in human form from stone yet.


In the last episode of the show we have seen that Piya and Ansh both joined hands and decided to look for RD. They reached at Karan room and was able to find the key which can help them to open the boxes. Ansh using his power goes inside the box and look for ready when at the same time Karan entered the room. Karan got offended when he finds out that Ansh and Piya was investigating his things. He locked Ansh and Adi inside the box but Piya pleads to him that her and Ansh son Adi is  also inside and he can get suffocated. On the other hand Saanvi and Naman went in search of Panna who was invisible to them. Finally Ansh was able to come out of box with Adi and Adi hugged Karan.

In the upcoming episode of the show viewers will see Piya and Ansh will suspect Karan for hiding any deep secret from them. They will try to look for the reason which is unknown to them yet while on the other hand Karan who wants to stoned Pia and Aditya as Pia’s mother made his wife and son stoned will try to take out information from Pia’s father Nishant. Later he will attack and strangle Nishant to death.

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