Nazar 20th December 2019 Written Update : Abhay arrests Piya on murder charges

The episode starts with Abhay searching for the body on floor but couldn’t find it. Piya and Ansh too gets shocked. It is revealed that Adi took the body into the wall before Abhay could catch them. On the other side Dafli is in front of Mohana’s prison with a camera on her head. Dafli didn’t see the bracelet yet. Naman worries for Dafli and keeps crying. Nishant and Saanvi gets helpless. Naman keeps calling out for Dafli and Dafli comes in front of him. Naman gets extremely happy. Nishant goes to check the footage.

Abhay calls everyone to have a word with them. He asks about Piya and Ansh says that she’s in room with the kids. Abhay asks if they really didn’t see the criminal Juno Yadav. Chaitali says that they didn’t see but Abhay says that he knows to catch their lie. He says he’s going to do lie detection test on everyone of them and asks them to call Piya too. On the other hand Naman wonders how did Dafli comes to him. Saanvi says that he called out her name thrice and she came back. They check again and Dafli comes to him. Naman gets too happy. Piya gets Nishant’s call who says her that Mohana is still in prison and asks her not to worry.

Piya is made to go through the test and Abhay asks her name. He then shows her the skates and asks about it. She says it’s Adi’s. He questions Adi the same and Avinash asks why’s he questioning Adi when he wants to find Piya’s truth. They argue and Piya starts getting tensed. Her power takes control of her and Ansh asks her to calm down. Abhay says that Piya and Vedashree always have fights and it’s Piya who tried killing Vedashree. Everyone gets shocked hearing it and fumes.

Abhay says that Piya wore the skates and has hit Vedashree’s stool while she’s changing the fuse. Piya also cut her hands with knife when she was hanging and made her fall. He says once Vedashree gains she tried suffocating her with pillows. Juno saw that and she killed him too. He says that right now they are arresting only her but if they gets to know that they are involved in hiding it they will be arrested too.

Mohan enjoys their misery and says that this is her revenge for snatching her love from her. Nishant is checking Mohana’s footage and finds something wrong. He keeps checking and he finally gets to know something. Ansh gets furious on Abhay for his charges but Avinash controls him as he can unleash his powers. Avinash asks for proof and Mohana breaks the wall revealing the body. Everyone gets shocked. Police arrests Piya and Piya asks Ansh to not lose his control. She assures that she will be back to Adi and leaves with police. Ansh looks painfully at her.

Precap : Ansh says there’s no way to rescue Piya as all evidences are against her.