RadhaKrishnn 20th December 2019 Written Update: Krishna again breaks Radha’s heart

The episode starts with discussion on who will become the next head or king/queen of barsana. Radha’s aunt says that her son Ayan is the only one capable of becoming the king of barsana and nobody else. She also says that it was decided by king Kansa himself. Krishna listens to all of this smiling and later says that can people of barsana believe what the cruel king kansa said as he was himself not trustworthy.

Also Ayan only wants to be the king of barsana to fulfill his ego and selfishness and not actually the prosperity of the people. He is also not practically capable of becoming the king, whereas Radha has all the qualities of becoming the head of the place, she even won the contest, she handles situations properly and is also very profound in ved recitation. Other people also agreed to this description from Krishna as they’ve all heard Radha reciting the vedas. The people start believing in what krishna says to them.

Ayan gets angry on Krishna. Finally Radha is made the queen of barsana and hailed the name, ‘Radha Rani’. Everyone is overjoyed. Radha takes oath as queen and then Krishna, as an ambassador of Mathura, presents what he had come for, to Radha. He tells her and people of barsana about Jarasandh’s plan and asks her to leave barsana as soon as possible. Radha, being the queen, rejects his request and says that it’s not easy to leave a place as people’s livelihood will get affected. She decides to not leave.

Maharaja Ugrasen gets surprised by this decision and is then pacified by Akroor ji. Balram couldn’t understand why Radha said no. Krishna tells him that it was his plan actually to stay here, behind Radha’s decision. He says that the forecoming days are going to open a new episode for them and for the people and also for Radha and she has to be ready to face it.

Here Rukmini is again informed by the spy that he couldn’t find krishna but got to know that he plays the best flute in all of Mathura and nobody is even close to him. Rukmini gets excited on hearing this. Her friend tells her to invite all the local flutist as they would be knowing some tunes of krishna. When the flutists appear before her, they said that they couldn’t play Krishna’s tunes as it would be an insult to him.

Nobody can play the flute as he does. His sound is like that of heavens. She gets overjoyed on hearing this. She allows them to not play the flute. Her unseen love for Krishna keeps on growing. She explains that there is no one better than him in this world. He is very strong as he killed the strongest of the man and is also very divinely gentle as he plays the best flute in the world. She wants to meet him as soon as possible. Krishna also gives a hint of this association with Rukmini in between his words to Balram.

Here Radha is waiting for Krishna, thinking that he must’ve gotten angry with him because of his decision. When Krishna comes, he playfully teases her and later says that he can never get angry on her. He is infact very happy with her decision. Krishna later tells her to be the same always as in her decision as a queen, she first considered barsana’s welfare above Krishna’s. He asks her to always follow this, as she is the queen and in future many such decisions await her. Krishna tells her to be the same even in his absence.

Radha said that they’ve just met after a long separation, to which krishna says that, that could be our last separation or this could be our final meeting. Radha’s heart is broken on hearing this. She leaves the place. Krishna smiles.