Nazar: A blood-curdling Shaitan to make its entry in the life of Ansh and Piya


Star Plus supernatural show Nazar which grabbed eye balls from the day of its launch with its extraordinary content captured audiences of all ages. The supernatural thriller show managed to pull a decent TRP from the starting to this moment, making the audiences hooked to the storyline with exciting twists and turns. According to the latest promo, the show is all set to shock the audiences with their upcoming major twist in the storyline. Mohana being a constant threat for the Rathods strikes her final blow with the help of Bhasmika. Mohana after lots of efforts succeeds in getting one of her chudail Bhasmika to get intimate with Ansh disguised as Piya. As a result of it, Bhasmika gets an egg with the combined powers of hers and Ansh. A deadly evil power makes its way out of the egg shocking the Rathods.

It’s seen that Bhasmika kills Piya and escapes diverting everyone’s attention. Much to the shock of everyone Ansh too commits suicide and revives Piya back to his life with his love. After a lot of struggle, Ansh and Piya reunite. In the meantime, Bhasmika with the help of the egg releases Mohana and dies eventually. However, the Revaanshis manage to get hold of the egg and gets shocked seeing it growing when exposed to light. A soul present inside the egg screams when exposed light.

Mohana being selfish she is using her own granddaughter Pari to escape from the Badhal by possessing her. Family unaware of the upcoming danger rejoice their victory over Mohana. A possessed Pari successfully releases Mohana from the shield and becomes equally evil as her grandmother. They play various tricks and fools the family. Added to it, the egg seems to possess extraordinary powers which seem to have various impact on various person who touches it starting from Naman to Adi. Naman loses his hearing aid while Adi gets stuck to anything which he touches.

Piya manages to find a temporary solution for Adi’s condition. However, her happiness is short-lived as she gets to know about her daughter being possessed by Mohana. Ansh and Piya manage to stop Pari but they definitely couldn’t stop Mohana.

Yes, Mohana manages to get hold of the egg and feeds it the souls of other chudails including Dilruba making it even more powerful. When everyone is worried about the upcoming danger the egg breaks and the evil Shaitan of all the times makes it entry into the lives of Ansh and Piya.

How Ansh and his family are going to face the upcoming new shaitan in their life will be very interesting to watch.

Are you all bucked up for the upcoming drama in the lives of Ansh and Piya with the entry of the new deadly shaitan? Let us know your views in the comment section and Don’t forget to watch Nazar Mahasaptah, 30th September to 4th October at 11 p.m. Only on Starplus and anytime anywhere on Hotstar.

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