Parineetii 10th November 2023 Written Update: Parminder learns the shocking truth

Parineetii 10th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with fire fighters admitting Parineet and Sanju to the hospital. The nurse asks them to inform their family. Neeti recalls the incident and says to Bebe that Sanju is aware she doesn’t like him risking his life to save Parineet. He often does it. She wants to kill her but he saved her. She won’t leave her. She is taking her Sanju from her. He is going far from her. Bebe leaves from there to bring water for her. Later, Tao ji and Parminder thanked the guest for attending the Diwali function. Parminder worries about Sanju and Parineet. Tao ji says that they will inform them. We don’t know where they admitted them. Chandrika and Amith are consoling Gurinder. Gurinder says that she tried a lot to stop him but he didn’t listen to her. Sukhwinder thinks that Gurinder won’t leave Neeti if she knows the truth. Parminder notices Tiger there and gets suspicious. Tao ji learns information about Parineet. Parminder asks them to go ahead. She will reach there in a few minutes. Parminder follows Tiger behind. She thinks that her suspicion shouldn’t turn into the truth. Tiger feels someone is following him. Parminder hides from seeing him. Later, the doctor informs a nurse that Parineet will gain consciousness in a few minutes. Her baby is safe.


Neeti lashes out at Tiger for not doing his work properly. Tiger says that he needs his money. Neeti says that because of him, Sanju was stuck in the fire. Tiger says that at least he saved Parineet. She is a good person. He doesn’t care about her husband. He needs his money. Neeti says that she asked him to kill Parineet, but he didn’t do it. Parminder is shocked to hear it. Parminder slaps Neeti in anger. She says that Parineet considers her as her life. But she tried to kill her. She intentionally sets fire there. Neeti denied it. Parminder asks her how much she will lie? She tried to kill her using Raghu, Shambu. Now she planned this too. Everyone could learn the truth about her. She will reveal the truth. Neeti asks her not to say it. Neeti asks Bebe to do something. Bebe asks her what she is thinking? She had to kill Parminder. She listened to their conversation. She says that Tiger needs money so he will do anything for it. It’s time to kill her. Later, Chandrika prevents Gurinder from falling. She thanked her. Chandrika says to Amith that she thanked her. They go to meet Parineet. Bebe says to Neeti that she has to kill Parminder. Neeti says that she isn’t a murderer to kill anyone. Bebe says that her life is going to end. Parminder is going to expose her. If she reveals the truth, then no one will believe Neeti. She is the queen of this house. There is no need for evidence to believe her. Bebe says that it’s a matter of her life.

Sanju is already doubting Neeti. He is even ready to leave the house for her. He will kick her out of this house. She will lose her name in front of everyone in this house. She says that she will lose everything in her life. She will lose her Sanju and this family. Parineet will take over everything from her hand. She won’t allow this to happen. She says that she is there to support her. She asks her to stop Parineet. Bebe says that Sanju may make a complaint against her in the police station. She has to save her life. She provokes her against Parineet. Neeti says that Sanju is her husband and this is her family. She asks her to contact Tiger. Today is the last Diwali of Parminder. Tiger is discussing with his friend about the incident. His friend demands him to give him his money. Bebe calls Tiger. She says to him that Parminder has learned the truth. She is going to the police station.

Tiger assures her that he will handle her. Bebe asks him not to kill her near the house. Someone will help her. She asks him to kill her in a lonely place. He asks her not to teach him anything. Neeti thinks why did Parminder learn the truth today? Bebe says that Parminder learnt the truth. We can’t help it. Tiger will handle her so don’t worry about her. Tiger follows Parminder. Neeti asks Bebe if Parminder reaches the hospital. Bebe assures her that it won’t happen. Neeti says that she needs Sanju. Bebe says to her if Parminder reaches home, then her life will be over. Neeti tries to call Tiger. The driver informs Parminder that someone is following her. Neeti asks Bebe to visit the hospital.

Episode end

Neeti demands divorce from Sanju

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